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Iowa born and raised   Leave a comment

over the weekend I had this idea to write about my life.
No it isn’t all that interesting or probably all that different from most people’s lives, but I do have one ace up my sleeve that most people don’t have.
I have my mother.
She was (she passed away in 1992) an exceptional woman and also excentric and sometimes embarrassing.
But she was my mother and I have mostly fond memories of her.

in writing about me, I can only begin with her because without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

My father was a married man, and I was the product of an affair she had with him, so I have never had a father figure in my life.
So my mother was the sole provider of my youth.

Granted I had two older sisters, who molded me into who I am today as well, but my mother was my foundation.
My mother was the unique woman who gave me life and sheltered me and taught me………..and to her, is where I believe the credit should go.

So as I outline this story I began, I have to dedicate it all to my mother.
Because she is the one who had the most influence on me as a child and she is the one who God graced me with, to be my mother.

I love and miss you Mom.


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get away from me!   1 comment

so for the first hour or ninety minutes of my day, I am the only person in the school.
Which I have to say I LOVE!!!!

but as I was walking back to my office to write a note to my night custodian, a teacher comes from upstairs.
With just one look I can see, she is sick and shouldn’t be here.

All I can think is “Get away from me!”
the last thing I want is someone’s germs to make me sick with the flu again.

But no, she stands there, (I make sure there is at least five feet if not more between us at all times) and tells me her ailments, cough, cold and flu-like symptoms (although she made sure to tell me it wasn’t vomiting but the other end!)

I wanted to ask her what she was doing here, but I already knew the answer, they are required to leave notes to their sub about what needs taught that day.

However all I could think of was ‘lady you are bringing your sick germs into this school!!! Get out!’

but of course, I just told her to get better, and went into my office to breathe good germ free air!

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Christmas presents and other assorted stuff   Leave a comment

well Christmas is right around the corner…..alright….four and a half weeks around the corner but it will be here before we know it.

time really does fly…..

I have most of the grandkids done.
Keira is done, and Aaron is done, because I am going to give my daughter the rest of his presents in money so she can open a savings account for him.
He isn’t going to know if he gets presents (he will be 7 months old) or not and it seems silly to buy him a bunch of new toys when I have a lot of toys that are his age appropriate now.

Mirielle is done too I think, so that just leaves Kayla.

I still have to get the adult children and their significant others and spouses yet but they are all gift cards, so…I just need to take the time to go and get them all.

Rick and I aren’t getting each other anything but instead we are setting the money aside to build a new garage next summer.
The old one needs redone and we decided to just tear it down and build a new one.
This one is a single car garage and we want a two car garage and maybe some space for Rick to have a small shop to tinker around in too.

I miss not having his parents, my mother and his grandmother around.
It seemed more like the holidays when the elderly people were here and we could make over them.

however my husband is the eldest member of his family now and he and his siblings never get together to share in the holiday spirit.
of course, mine really doesn’t either any more.
And that is quite sad………

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back pain   Leave a comment

you know, one would think I would learn.
One would think I should know better than to pick up my 37 pound grand daughter.
But nope, I did it and therefore I am in tremendous pain once again.

It actually felt pretty good when I got up, but I picked up my 32 pound grand daughter to put her in her booster seat and once again I am in a lot of pain.
I even made sure I was bending in the knees and using my legs to lift.
But nope it didn’t do a bit of good.
I ache all over again.

My husband thinks I should seek out that back specialist and see if I should have surgery.
I told him the back specialist/doctor would have to make that decision if he thought I was in bad enough condition to warrant back surgery.

Still I will be calling my doctor tomorrow and seeing if she can get me in to have another cortisone shot.

this getting old is for the birds………..

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Into Thin Air   Leave a comment

so last night while flipping through the channels of the TV (we have about ninety stations and I couldn’t find anything to watch)  I stumbled upon the weather channel airing a movie titled “Into Thin Air” it was about a group of climbers climbing Mt Everest.
Based on this true story I watched how they all struggled with getting to the summit.
All ten made it, however on the way down a storm blew in and five of them died on the way down.
I have no idea if it was really filmed on Everest.
It looked like it was.
I have the book and with the pictures in it and other pictures I have of Everest, it looked like the real thing.

I use to, in my younger more ambitious days, want to try and climb Everest.
But the older I get and the more research I do on it, I realize I would never make it.
I am not that physically fit and even if I did get there physically, I just can’t imagine putting myself in that much pain to be on the top of the world.

Call me lazy……..I just can’t see doing what these people did in temps at negative  one hundred degrees

I hate being cold… Iowa.
Just can’t imagine it there.
Nor do I want to.

Still I do admire those who put forth the effort.

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grand daughters, barbies and babies   Leave a comment

I have my two youngest grand daughters today and we are sitting here playing babies, barbies and Mickey Mouse is on TV.
Keira wants to go outside but I told her no, way too cold.
down in the low twenties is just too cold to go out and play.
Call me an old grandma but I don’t like to be cold.

I would do almost anything for my grandchildren but not play out in the cold.

Am I terrible or what?

There are tons of left overs and I am not a big left over type of person.
However I will freeze some of the turkey and force myself to endure left overs.

hope to hit a movie this weekend but other than that… great plans.

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a quick holiday   Leave a comment

well after cooking most of yesterday and baking, and then getting up to prepare the meal….it is done with and all put away (tons of left overs)
the kids have all gone on to other family gatherings and my husband is upstairs napping.

I am flipping through the channels of the TV but may put a movie in.
Too cold to be outside.

I may just read too.
Hope everyone has a good holiday!

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Tis the season…….   Leave a comment

well here it is….the day before Thanksgiving.
I have food to prepare and a house to clean and in between all of that, I have a really good book that I would like to finish.
Ahh the headaches (just kidding) of holidays.

I love this time of year.
I love the family time, the good food, the beautiful lights on the Christmas tree and even shopping for those presents.

I love the whole package

the weather may be bad for those in Northern Iowa and they can keep it.
I’m not quite ready for shoveling snow and dealing with all of that.
yes it will be nice closer to Christmas but that is a month away.

hopefully it can happen before Christmas.
And like my sister said, melt before the New Year.
Like that will happen!

At any rate, I need to get moving here to get my house cleaned.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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this getting old crap………..   Leave a comment

alright, I have to say this getting old crap is for the birds.

I am sick of it already and I haven’t even hit the 50th birthday yet.

I have arthritis in my hands.
Especially in my right one.
It woke me up last night, with the pain of it.
I have a hard time buttoning buttons, or putting on a necklace or earrings.
It just aches.

Darn it.

I was told I have the knees of a seventy year old due to all the arthritis in my knees.

I feel like I’m falling apart.
The good news is though, when I was so sick and lost that ten pounds, I have managed to keep all but three of it off.

Lord knows I need to lose forty more but….it is a process….

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Due to……   Leave a comment

due to the lack of sleep I got this weekend I was in bed by seven pm last night!
How ridiculous is that!
Quite I know!

but I was tired.
And may I say that I slept like a rock from seven until three am.
that last hour and forty-five minutes before I actually got up to begin my day…..I kept waking up….

but it sure feels good to feel rested!

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