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southeast or southwest?   Leave a comment

I told my husband today I just want to get into the car and drive.
I told him the day after Thanksgiving I just want to start driving.
We can take off of work from November 30th through December 4th and just drive.
Now should we go southeast or southwest?
I prefer to go southwest because we have never been to Texas or New Mexico or Arizona.
But if we went southeast chances are we would end up in Florida.
WHICH ISN’T ALL BAD, but….we have been to Florida.
And I’m up for something new!

But to be honest I would be happy just driving through the Smokey Mountains too.
Just to get away.
I know my husband and he will be leery to drive southwest for fear of running into a lot of snow, but I don’t think they get much snow in Texas or New Mexico or Arizona

Of course I could be wrong too????
So what do you think?
Southeast or southwest?Daytona_beach_2



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rainy day   Leave a comment

it certainly is a fall day out there today.
The leaves are rapidly flowing off the trees and spiralling down to the wet sodden ground.
The wind is sharp and strong as it snaps against you and almost takes your breath away.

if you look up, it looks like it could snow and the naked trees look lost and lonely as they blow in the wind

Nebraska got snow yesterday and that is awfully close to us.


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baby   Leave a comment

my newest grand child will be eleven weeks tomorrow.
And that excites me tremendously

I am talking about my daughters child still tucked tightly inside her womb.
It is exciting because a few years ago her gynecologist told her she may never be able to have a baby without fertility drugs.
And she is pregnant now, without them!!

A true miracle and gift from God.

I realize I have a little less than seven months to wait for this new little bundle of joy, but he or she (I’m positive it is a he)  is so wanted!

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do you know that is the most intensely disliked word in the English language?
the word “Whatever”

I may have mentioned this before but I am one of those people who hate this word.
it just means to the person who says that to you, that they basically don’t give a fig on what you are thinking or feeling.

I also hate the word “Suck”

I hate it so much that I forbid my kids to say it around me.
And on the occasion that they do I will say “Excuse me?”
and they will change the word.

I hate it so much because there for a while that was all anyone said.
people would use it in every sentence they spoke.

I am not real fond of “Bastard” either but that probably has more to do with the fact that I am legally considered one since my mother and father never married when I was conceived and or born.
and while that may be the norm, in this day and age, in the early 60’s, it wasn’t.

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okay I am calmer   Leave a comment

After further research I found they did a remake of Dr Zhivago in 2002 for Television!

it must have bombed because I don’t remember anything about it.
Thank God!

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NO!!!!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe it!
I just saw where they are going to do a remake of “Dr Zhivago”
how wrong can that be?
And to top it off Keira Knightly is going to play Lara!
What is wrong with people!!!
You can not improve on an all time classic!!!!
That would be just as wrong as doing a remake of “Gone with the Wind!”
It just can’t be done!!!!

Dr. Zhivago is one of my all time favorite movies.
Damn it, this infuriates me!

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in the back of my mind   Leave a comment

in the back of my mind, where the door is almost always closed I think of yesteryear and wonder if I made the best choices for myself?
I realize there is no point in looking in to the past, but sometimes I find a lot of happiness and comfort there.

I listen to oldies music that my mother use to listen to and it takes me back to when I was a child and all the wonderful memories I have of that time.

I am the kind of person who usually takes the easy road.
I don’t want conflict or danger or even to upset the apple cart.
hell to be honest I am the type of person who doesn’t want to even bump the apple cart.
I have always been a person who tries to please instead of putting myself first and pleasing myself.
so occasionally in the back of my mind I wonder…..where would I be if not for the choices I made?

I remember after I had my two kids I wanted badly to go to Nursing school.
But my mother said to me “you will never do it”
and that blew my confidence right out the window and I never did it, and instead I had two more children.
Taking the easy road.
BUT…..if not for having these two children I wouldn’t have my two grand daughters and the baby on the way.
So how can my choice have been a bad one?
It wasn’t of course…..but they say, what you don’t know you won’t miss, right?
And yet in the back of my mind is that 24-year-old girl who still wishes to go to Nursing school.

that is just one example but I think you get the drift…..

And I wonder, do other people look at their lives and think, what if I had done this…..instead of what I did?

or am I just an oddity?


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how can it be?   Leave a comment

Today is October 29th.
Just two more days of October

how can that be?
Where did this month go to?
Jesh I swear it was yesterday that we were just beginning the month.

I don’t understand how time flies so quickly.

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Day dreams   Leave a comment

I know, I know, I have mentioned dozens of times in the past that I have a very boring job.
I tend to complain about it, I do realize that.
But I also find myself day dreaming a lot of the time.
This job takes very little usage from my brain, meaning  I can easily be on auto pilot and still be able to get the job done.

I day-dream about being rich (who doesn’t?) and I day-dream about going some place warm and lapping up the sun rays as the ocean laps the sand

I saw on the TV last night that they refer to the Virgin Islands as the United States Virgin Islands.
When did that happen?
So it makes me wonder, do you need a passport to go to the Virgin Islands?
The pictures look incredibly awesome!
I wish I was on a plane there now.
Unfortunately the three thousand it would take to get there and back, isn’t making itself appear on my credit card OR my bank account.
so I day-dream about it.

I day-dream about being a professional writer (never going to happen)

I day-dream about quitting this job (that too seems like it will never happen)

and I dream of a world where there is less violence and more love and praising our Lord.
That too probably will never happen.

But dreaming is free right?

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