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Quiet again~   Leave a comment

The grandkids and their parents are all gone now.

The house is quiet and put back together.

My husband is listening to a program on IPTV about the Bee Gees.

Good Lord that was popular some thirty five years ago or more.

I enjoy listening to oldies so I don’t mind it.

We are winding down to the last hours of 2017

Hard to believe another year has come and gone.
Where has it gone to?

I had hoped to completely retire in 2018 but I don’t see it happening unless I win a scratch off ticket worth a few thousand.

There is still too much to do which requires money as I have written in previous  blogs.

It will bring me a new grandchild so that makes me incredibly happy.






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Grandchildren and the weekend~   Leave a comment

It is our weekend to have the grand kids so the younger four will be here tonight.

Actually two of the four are here already.

My older two and their father.

He put “Tombstone” on so we are watching that

We will be going to the movie “Coco” later today.

A children’s movie that is playing here in our town.

It starts at four.

We will pick up the younger two grandkids before the movie.

They are seven and three.

The three year old will be the challenging one as she tends to act up and think everything has to be her way.

It will be a good time.








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In The Deep Freeze~   Leave a comment

It is cold.

Freaking cold in Iowa this past week.

I love winter but I hate this damn cold.

Anything about 32 degrees works for me.

This temp hovering around zero or lower is just too damn cold.

I have to get groceries in the next day or two and I dread the thought of it because it is so damn cold out.


I think I read the other day that there is only 88 more days until Spring.


four eighteen


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My little peanut~   Leave a comment

peanut 3 of Emilys

Here is a photo of my daughter’s future son or daughter.

Okay not the actual photo but a picture on the internet of what he or she looks like at 9 weeks.

Hopefully it will be a boy.

Love the idea of having another grandchild.

They are so wonderful and true gifts from God.


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New Year’s Resolutions~   Leave a comment

A week from now we will be sitting on January 2nd.

A new year.

A new start.

I MUST lose weight this year.

I gave up pop about five weeks ago and I can tell in my stomach as I am not as bloated as I use to be.

I need to exercise every day, even if it hurts and 99% of the time it hurts to do so.

Today I started with cutting out sugar, which is a HUGE thing with me.

I have a very bad sweet tooth.

But hopefully I can succeed this year.

That is my biggest resolution.

But I need to be kinder too.

I can be a bitch and I know this, even as I am being bitchy…..

So I need to be kinder and less critical.

I need to have more patience as well.

AND God willing I can write this year.

I bought a book on how to reawaken one self and write so I hope I can start writing at least a bit every day.

I also need to spend less time in front of the TV and live my life instead of letting the TV consume my time and then life passes me by.

I read an article the other day about “are you really living your life?”

And the answer for me is no.

I am not “Alive” in my life.

I live it yes but I am half asleep in my life.

I need to be more awake.

I need to be more aware.



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Merry Christmas~   Leave a comment

Today is the birth of our Lord.

Today is a family celebration spending time with loved ones.

My Christmas day has been rather dull.

As they always are because our kids go to their spouses families.

We went to a movie earlier which wasn’t that good, and I have rearranged my bedroom/den.

And now I am sitting here watching reruns of “Two And A Half Men”  the early ones with Charlie Sheen.

When Jake was cute and Charlie was funny.


two and a half men

Ideally I would be with my entire family, children, grandchildren and siblings and their families but we gave up having a huge family celebration years ago.

Which is sad but it is what it is.

Merry Christmas readers.



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Downsizing~   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to the movie “Downsizing” today.

I have to say it wasn’t that good.

I love Matt Damon but even the best of actors can have a dud.

Still it was an interesting concept but very long and dull.

I think Matt Damon is a very good actor but this movie just didn’t do him justice.

Not his fault, the writing just started off decent and went bad quickly.

downsizing     Matt Damon

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A little bit of snow for Christmas Eve~   Leave a comment

We got about an inch of snow.

Not much and I would prefer another two to three inches but it is nice to see it white outside.

It is Christmas time.
There should be snow on the ground.


We have a few hours of quiet time before the kids and their families get here.

Paula won’t be here which will be a bummer but she was here on Thursday and Friday so at least we got to see her.

It is Christmas time, and that means family time and thinking of always our Lord and Jesus’ birth.

I so love  Christmas



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Early gathering~   Leave a comment

Had a get together at my eldest son’s house tonight.

No reason other than my daughter Paula was home and won’t be here for Christmas so we all got together.

It was a nice visit and super nice to have someone else play host.

I work tomorrow 2-10 and then I am off again till Tuesday night at ten pm.

Which is wonderful.

My husband and I will probably go to a movie or two on Monday, yes Christmas day…….

But our kids go to their spouses so……it is just another day for us.

We always spend Christmas eve as our



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I need~   Leave a comment

I need to go to bed, pull the covers up over my head and hibernate until this cold is gone.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.

I have to be at work in less than four hours again.

I am not a big fan of the night shift.

Even when I feel good.

It just wears me out so…..

And not feeling good isn’t helping.





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