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yesterday afternoon I went to a meeting titled ALICE.

it is about what to do if God forbid someone comes into your school and starts shooting people.

it was hard to deal with and I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking about all of it.

they did a reenactment of the Columbine shooting in a video that we were forced to watch and they talked about the Virginia Tech shooting.

I cried watching the Columbine video.

those poor people.
I can’t help but think there has to be a way that we can figure out SOMETHING to do to prevent this from happening ever again.

I just haven’t come up with what that something is yet.

I hope and pray it never happens again but chances are it will.
And we live in a very sick world.



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had my sons and their children and my daughter in law all over for supper tonight.

the only thing missing was Emily and Aaron.

Tonyia was working and of course she wasn’t here either.

it’s been almost two weeks since I have seen Keira and she is starting to be a little stand offish and not want to to give hugs and kisses.

I hate it but what does one do?
I won’t make her hug and kiss me if she doesn’t want to

but I miss her little hugs and kisses.


having everyone together was enjoyable.

we don’t do it very often anymore but it was nice and relaxing and simple.

we had pizzas from Godfather’s.

love family time.


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I feel weird today.

almost goofy.

I know that sounds silly and somewhat childish, but it is how I feel.
I feel like my stomach is bloated and yet I almost feel like there is a little pac man in there eating away from the inside out.

Granted to some of you this will sound like I am losing my mind.
I know it sounds weird, but it is how I feel.

I finally ate something so we shall see if this goofy feeling goes away.



maybe it is just my body telling me to quit eating and exercise more?
Who knows?
Love this picture of this pug.

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I am literally aching for spring

aching for warmer temps and the budding of trees and yes the flowers all blooming.

this winter has been so damn long


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I know a person who is feeling like the victim.

like life has dealt her a horrible hand and she can’t handle the wasted years

thus she is a victim

she isn’t, but I don’t have the heart to tell her that.

there are people worse off than her.

and if she hates her life so much why doesn’t she change it?

I know she has her reasons, but if you do nothing at all, the result will be the same as it always is.

she needs to get moving in her own direction and make a life for herself


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my four days off are over with and tomorrow it is back to work


had a good four days off, the best was spending time with my grandson and seeing my sister yesterday


I would never want to be off and just sit home every day

that is just too damn boring

but it was nice having the four days off


back to work tomorrow for four days then two weeks of five days then off on the 15th to take my husband back to the doctors and the next days off for my dog getting his hair cut, though that is just a half day……

then three days of work and off to Florida for a week.


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Today I was writing for about two hours and then as quickly it came it left me

hate it.

I did get the lower half of the house cleaned and laundry done so I have had a productive day

I need to clean the upstairs yet and fold the towels that are in the dryer but other than that…..the day hasn’t been totally wasted

even though the writing has left me


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After I get off of work today I have a four-day weekend ahead of me.

I also get off an hour early today due to it being spring vacation and our boss is letting us.

which is great.


My husband is laid up with his broken foot being fixed and having to use crutches and keeping his foot elevated all of the time

he is tired of it already

and I doubt I will do much this weekend other than be there for him.
I do hope to write, as I have the desire to do so.


debating on weather or not to get my hair all cut off.

I usually let it grow till I can’t stand it any longer and then get it all cut off as short as I can without looking like a boy.

I’m sweating a lot and I hate it with a passion when my head gets hot and sweaty because my hair is so long

not all of it is quite one length, but it is close and it is about an inch from touching my shoulders.

so it took quite a while to get it this long

but ……still debating.

if I don’t cut it I will keep thinking I want to and then when I do I will hate it again ……because I always hate it after it is first cut.

I know, can’t win for losing.

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I’m dreaming………..   1 comment

Daytona July 27 2012 008

I want to be here.  This is me sitting on the beach in Florida last July, and I can’t wait to be here again.

It is cold in Iowa.
Below the normal temperatures it should be this time of year.

Hate it.
I’m ready for spring and green grass and trees budding

I realize a month from today I will be flying to Florida for a week

but damn, four weeks seems so far away yet……….

Daytona July 27 2012 011

July 30th sunrise 2012 029

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today is the day, my husband is going to get the bone in his foot fixed.

they are taking a bone from his heel to put in his foot and also add a plate and a pin


he is a bit nervous and I imagine he will be in a cast for a good six weeks if not longer.

I guess I will be playing nurse maid and waiting on him hand and foot for the next few days.

Daytona July 27 2012 004

(this is where we will be a month from today, unfortunately he probably won’t be on the beach or in the ocean with a cast on his foot)


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