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heat and humidity   Leave a comment

I hate the heat and humidity
Hate it with a passion.
I feel so drained and out of it and it isn’t even nine am.
it is just so dang hot in this school.
Even with fans going, it is almost unbearable.

I’m drinking my water like I am supposed to but it really isn’t helping.
I feel thirsty all the time.

Hate when the weather gets like this.

Luckily the humidity is only supposed to stick around until Friday night.
Then it will be cooler on the weekend and the 4th.


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4 day weekend coming up   Leave a comment

ahh it is here, after working my ten-hour day today I will have a four-day weekend.
how wonderfully nice.

I do have to come in every day but tomorrow and do the building check which is sort of a bummer but it takes less than fifteen minutes and I get paid an hour and a half for my time.
Actually three hours on Monday since it is a holiday.
So I shouldn’t complain, right?

I woke up at four twenty am, thinking, where on earth am I going to find the energy for working today?
I had a great nights sleep but just no energy to get moving.

I feel better now with a bit of caffeine in my system but I would still like to go home and float around in my pool and just enjoy the relaxing mode for the day.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen today.
Maybe tomorrow.

Not ready for the heat they say is coming either but alas… isn’t like I have a choice in what the weather does if I did, it would never get hotter than 75 degrees with full sunshine and a light breeze


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Christmas shopping in June?   Leave a comment

yes it is true, I started Christmas shopping already!
Probably seems silly to people, but I saw something on-line that gave me an idea and I went ahead and bought something for my daughters and daughter-in-laws.

Christmas won’t be as extravagant as it has been in previous years simply because the cost is unnecessary and my children don’t buy for my husband and I so therefore we are just going to tone it down a bit.
My husband has been wanting me to tone it down for a few years now.
I usually spend $150 a piece for my children and $100 for the spouses or significant other.
This year I don’t plan on spending more than $50 on them all.
they all have what they want and need so therefore I am just going to simplify things.

I am in no way ready for winter and Christmas, but I did start my shopping.
And it is a good feeling.

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What hurts the most   Leave a comment

what hurts the most, is having you so close, and having so much to say, and watching you walk away, and never knowing what could have been, and not seeing what I was trying to do

I hate the distance, but I have no idea how to bridge this estrangement between us.

I look at pictures of you as a child and I wonder, how did we go from loving mother and daughter to what we are today?
Which is nothing

my sister talks often about the love she has for her son, and that nothing or no one could ever come before him.

and I think to myself, where did I fail with you?
What did I do wrong?
What was so horribly wrong, that you refuse to even acknowledge me?

I look at your siblings and thank GOD that they still love me and want me in their lives.
I know you being the first-born, I was learning with you.
I failed you and I know that.
But it wasn’t like I abused you or let someone else abuse you.
I made mistakes.
I make them every day of my life
But one thing I know to be true is, you are my daughter and I love you so very much, just as much as your brothers and sister.
And I hate the distance between us.

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Learning something new   Leave a comment

  if I could learn something new, one of them definitely would be learning to surf.
This just looks so amazingly cool.
To be there and experience that, would be outstanding.

I also would learn to fly an airplane.
Learn to play piano and guitar

not of these things are unreachable, I realize, but they are dreams that I have and haven’t done anything about.

A teacher here at my school often tells me “It isn’t too late”
which I know.
It is only too late when you are on your death-bed.

So….while I doubt I will get to any of these wanting to learn projects yet this year, it is something to think about for the future.

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I want the control   2 comments

this picture reminds me of the phrase “Sometimes you feel like the nut, sometimes you don’t”
it is actually a Mounds candy bar add, but it keeps popping into my head and this picture sort of relates to that.

I was reading this morning online before I came into work about a man who got himself completely out of debt.
Ah the wonder of that, must make him feel ten feet tall.

I am striving for that, along with trying to save the money for the new garage.

The plan is not to spend unnecessarily and get at least $4,000 saved by November.
Doubt it will happen, but I am optimistic about it.
It could happen, I just have to learn to stop spending money.

in getting out of debt, there has to be a sense of control in that person.
I am going to shoot for that myself.
Get my head out of the clouds and quit thinking about vacations and work hard on getting out of debt.

Sounds like a great adventure.

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dropping off the face of the earth   Leave a comment

I have two people’s blogs I use to read religiously.

nearly every day.
But it has been months and I do mean months since either one has written.

it makes me wonder, did they just drop off the face of the earth?
Where are they and what are they doing that they can’t write?

My own sister has gone a year and three months without writing anything….

boggles the mind.
I love to write, love to express my thoughts.

and it is disappointing to check other people’s blogs to find once again they haven’t written a thing.
I use to check them daily, then it was weekly, now I go every two or three weeks…..

and still they write nothing.


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tired today   Leave a comment

It is Monday morning again, and it is five till six, and I need to find some energy some where to begin my day.
Would love to go back home and crawl into bed.
Unfortunately that isn’t an option so I must find some energy to make it through this ten-hour day.

the storms last night were the main reason I kept waking up.
Lightening was magnificent and the thunder boomed loud enough to rattle my windows in the house.
Plus we had to shut windows because the wind was so hard and that made for a stuffy night sleeping.

hopefully tonight will be better since it is supposed to be in the fifties and the rain is supposed to be gone for most of the week, after today.
Happy Monday!

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My daughter and grandson   Leave a comment

my little man and his mama had pictures taken last week simply because he turned one and his mama wanted to document the event.
His father, sadly, didn’t want to be included in the pictures because he hates getting his picture taken.
Which is too bad because they aren’t a family without him.
But Emily and Aaron make a good-looking couple all by themselves.

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The King’s Speech   Leave a comment

My husband and I just finished watching “The King’s Speech”
I have hesitated for weeks to watch it because I thought it might be dull and boring.
But alas I was wrong once again.
It was quite entertaining and funny in parts.
And it gave us a look a little bit into the lives of the royals in England.
Still it was back in the mid 1930’s and the way of life then was rather cool

I recommend the movie.
Definitely a good one!

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