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I Need An Adventure~   Leave a comment

I am a blessed woman and I know this but sometimes life gets mundane and boring.

I feel like I need an adventure.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get in my car and drive west and maybe south.

Go to Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

Maybe even Texas.

I just long to travel……

I was looking at cruises.

I would love to Cruise to Hawaii and Alaska.

Alaska is definitely cheaper, and would cost us $2,000 for the cruise.

Of course we would have to get to Seattle to get on the cruise ship.

But we could drive that.

Going to Hawaii would cost us double the price of the Alaskan Cruise.

And we would have to drive to San Diego.

Still I would love to do either one.


Of course now that I want to get my husband’s garage built I shouldn’t spend money on any vacation.


Sure is nice to dream though.

alaskan cruise


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And so it begins~   Leave a comment

I started my commitment to walk and build up to five miles a day, today.

I walked 3,842 steps which is just over a mile.

I have to confess my hips hurt from walking.

I am so out of shape.

But I have to do something.

I can’t stand how old I feel.

I have sixty pounds to lose.

I hope I can do it.

I figure if I walk every day  and commit to it every day that it will help me lose weight.

This week is week one, and I will walk a mile every day.

Next week, week two I will walk two miles a day.

Week three I will walk two miles a day, just to give myself a chance to not get burned out.

Week four I will move up to three miles a day, and week five it will be three miles a day too.

Week five I will walk four miles a day and then week six will be four miles a day.

Week seven I will be up to five miles a day and that is where I will stop.

Five miles a day should get me stronger and help me lose weight.

I would like to lose all sixty pounds before my 57th birthday in May.

Realistically I want to be sixty pounds thinner a year from now.

I feel this is a life long commitment.

Something I will have to do every day for the rest of my life.

And I am determined to do it.

A sweet man who died a few months ago was 86 and he walked better then I did.

Yes he used a walker but he still walked better then I do.

That has to be my biggest motivator.

I am 56 years old.

I shouldn’t be this out of shape.


could be fall creek falls


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Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and Kids~   Leave a comment

We had our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday because I worked on the actual day.

It was enjoyable and fun.

The kids get loopy when they get to drinking and I find it funny and sweet.

They seemed to enjoy themselves too.


I went Christmas shopping today.

I bought Kayla things she told me she wanted but it ended up being only $55

I have spent a hundred on the other four.

So I have to come up with something else for her.


It is Sunday afternoon, insane how fast the weekends off go.

Sure can’t wait till the day comes when I never have to work again.

Yeah I know, same old song.


It is 57 degrees out.
Insanely nice for late November.

I love winter though so I am anxious for snow and cool crisp air.



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I’m Free~   Leave a comment

I just got off of work thirty minutes ago and I have the next THREE days off.

I am so thrilled.

I swear I live at that place.

So glad to have it done for three days.

I like my job but I love my time off too.


three five


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Happy Thanksgiving!   Leave a comment

I am a firm believer that one should not celebrate a holiday just because it is on the calendar and says we should.

Every day should be Thanksgiving day!
Every day we should tell our loved ones we are thankful for them.
That we are thankful for our health and happiness and the health and happiness of our children, their spouses and of course our grandchildren.

For our jobs and our families jobs.

Every day we should be happy and thankful for all that we have.

Don’t get me wrong I know I can be down and unhappy too.

But I do try very hard to be uplifting and happy.

But I do have a problem with celebrating the holiday just because the calendar says to.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving readers!

Happy Thanksgiving


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Can’t handle it~   Leave a comment

PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY people have to be so damn negative?????
I don’t get it.

If life is going good they have to come up with some other reason to be down and unhappy.

I hate being around negative people.

Just hate it.

I would rather be alone then be around people who are negative.



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Money and Vacation~   Leave a comment

So I was looking at booking a flight and reserving a hotel room in Florida for next May but it would cost over $2,000 to fly there and stay for a week, not to mention the money we would need for food and entertainment.

So it would be about $3,000

But now that I am nearly debt free do I really want to spend that much money?

Not like we haven’t been to Florida over a dozen times…..

AND I want to retire in May so I need to save money for my husband’s garage so we can get that done before I retire.

Spending that $3,000 would almost be like a step backwards.

I DO Love the ocean and the warm sun, but is it  a necessity?

So hard to say if I will go or not.




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Words~   2 comments

Well I was going to title this something else but it said the word I put didn’t exist so I am not quite sure how to go about describing  what I wanted to say since the word is something I can’t spell.

I was going to title this “Knawing away”
But according to the internet that word doesn’t exist.

It is describing a feeling of feeling like something inside me is eating away at my stomach.

Like a dog knaws on a bone.

I don’t know, I tried without the “K” but it isn’t working either.


Guess I need to get the dictionary out.



dog bone

It is eleven pm and the last thing I need is to put more calories into my stomach before bedtime, but I do feel hungry.



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Texas Roadhouse~   Leave a comment

The husband and I and my youngest daughter and her two kids went to Texas Roadhouse tonight.

Margaritas were two for $6 so Emily and I each had two.

They were scrumptious.

The food was excellent too.

It was a good time.

I have slept 17 hours in the last 72 and I am quite tired.

Sure hope I can sleep well tonight.




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Who needs it?   Leave a comment

Well here I am on day three of getting very little sleep

It is my day off too so that makes it extra annoying but I have grandchildren who stayed over night, due to their other grandmother (who always watches them) having open heart surgery this morning.

Anyway, I am tired and would LOVE to go back to bed but that isn’t going to happen as I have a grand son to get off to school and a three year old grand daughter to entertain.

Yes they are both sleeping now but I had to get up and bathe before they got up.


Best get use to it as they will be here every day for the next three months or so.

(Every work day, Monday through Friday)

AND I have to go to a freaking meeting at work at three.

Hate it on my day off but not like I can get out of it.

Damn it.

eight three



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