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That is me today, the little energize bunny going from one thing to the next whittling away at the cleaning in my classroom that I am working on.

it is almost done.

just one wall to clean and six tables and five small bookcases.

I do hope to get it all done today.

but we shall see.

If I don’t it will take me less than an hour to get it done tomorrow.



I still think being a woman of leisure sounds heavenly.




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so now that I have had three days off of work I find I do not want to go back.

I want to be a woman of leisure.

yes I know I have said this before but it is oh so true.

my problem is I still want to spend money and go on vacation and buy things and fix up our house.

I am so my mother’s daughter.

She was such a dreamer and it looks as though I have inherited that from her.


what a nice dream though to never have to work but have endless  money to do things with…..


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my day has been filled with sunshine and roses.

it is a great day weather wise in Iowa.

Just love it.

No humidity, and barely 80 degrees.

Love it.

I feel like God is smiling down on me.

I can’t even explain why I just feel like life is really good now.

I love my weekends and love just enjoying life with my family.

I have no complaints and just feel truly blessed in life.

Indeed I am a blessed woman…..

star gazing

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This is a yearly thing, a process I go through.

I begin working on cleaning the school and for the first two weeks I ache every where for doing such physical work.

I  ache all over and especially in my back…..but I just took Advil so hopefully it will kick in soon.

It is a rainy morning here in Iowa.

Which is fine with me because we need the rain and the hubby and I are going to a movie.

I hope to get clothes hung out on the line later today or tomorrow though.

Have to check the forecast first.

We have to get groceries for our picnic on Monday after the movie.

I so love three day weekends!




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memorial day weekend

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here it is Friday finally.

Seems like it was a very long week.

I don’t really have any ambition this morning but hopefully that will change once I get to work.

I got to sleep till five thirty which was great since I don’t start work till 7.


Now that there is no school I don’t have to rush to get anything done.

They say it will be 80 today with 100% humidity.

Not too thrilled with humidity but it is what it is.

Not like I could change it anyway.

My ideal day is 75 degrees no humidity and full sunshine with a gentle breeze.

That is my idea of heaven.


Happy Friday everyone!



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first day of summer break with a lot of cleaning ahead of me.

I don’t have the energy for it but hopefully once I get moving it will come to me.


I am already pissed off at my night custodian and I haven’t even seen him yet.

NEVER in my entire life have I met a lazier person then he is.



but with the Lord’s help I can over look it and continue with my summer cleaning.



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so today is the last day of school for our kids.

I am thrilled beyond words.

But I am quite busy for the next week and I hate it.

I don’t like being busy.

I don’t mind things every now and then or even every few days but not every day.


I know I am getting older and therefore I just naturally am inclined to slow down.

but I am 55 not 75 so I need to get moving and accept things for what they are……


There just seems like there is so much to do and not enough time to get it all done…..



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If~   Leave a comment

if I could paint like this, I wouldn’t do anything else.

this is a Bob Ross painting~

bob ross painting

ahh to have this talent…..

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I was telling my sister via a email how depressed I get when I cut foods out of my life  as I am try trying to diet.

it depresses me greatly…..

Yes I love food and I love to eat.

I think in the last two years I have probably gained twenty pounds.


I exercise although not as much as I should and I have become quite the couch potato in the evenings.

now that it is nice out I need to get moving.

I need to lose these twenty pounds and try and lose even more.

so yesterday I had left over fajitas, which normally I eat three small ones.

I had one and froze the rest for another day.

I had pizza for supper and instead of eating two slices I only ate one.

I limit myself to one or no pop every day.

I think cutting back should help

Get moving more and eat less…..

My entire adult life I have struggled with my weight.


but where there is a will there is a way…..


girl on rock


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