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frustrated to say the least   Leave a comment

I have made myself cd’s of various artists for years.
And I do mean years.
I like listening to different singers instead of the same singer through a whole cd.
And I get to pick the songs so they are all songs I like

Well I have tried five times, yes 5 times! to make this one cd of songs I like.
Every single time it says it has burned the songs to the cd.
And it plays beautifully on the computer.
however when I try it on my car cd player, or the cd player I have in the bathroom and or the one I have at work, it refuses to play the songs.
Oh the cd goes through the motions and the time adds up but it never gets off the first song or where the first song should be, and I can’t forward it to any other song because it won’t let me, AND there is nothing on the cd!

I am so freaking frustrated with it.

Damn it all!

I would really love to have this variety of songs to play while I drive to work and or home from work or while I am working or taking a bath.
But nope, it won’t happen because for some freaking reason it isn’t working.

Damn it!


I feel like this freaking mouse.
Just play with me!


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sweating   Leave a comment

I have been sweating all week.

literally have sweat soaking my scalp and dripping on to my glasses.

it is frustrating.

and anyone who knows me knows I hate to sweat this much.

it makes it very uncomfortable to work.


Bring on Fall,

I hate heat and humidity


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I took this picture last year at Fort Myers Beach.

It was a great fairly cool day in Florida that day.


I didn’t take this picture of Mount Saint Helens, but I have one similar that I did take in 1997 when my eldest daughter took us to see it, many years ago.


I will be planting dozens of tulips this fall in honor of my Mother who loved tulips.

10953230_10203403066387140_4980922557888504326_n  I did take this picture when my husband and I were in Fort Myers Beach last February.

utah-2  I took this from a highway in Utah.

215258_1621946198321_1526457259_31222681_780096_n  this is of my husband in Daytona Beach in 2011

And I did take this picture……..


I love pretty pictures and would love to travel around the world taking beautiful pictures.

Ha!  Another pipe dream!

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wow, ugh and winter…..   Leave a comment

I am sweating so much my head is soaked with sweat and it is dripping on to my shoulders and going in my eyes.

Man it is humid today.
Hate this crap.
Literally hate it.

I want seventy-five all year around.
I like winter a hell of a lot better than this hot and  humid weather we are having.

Good thing we are in for a cool down starting tomorrow for a few days.

I am sick of sweating.



at least in winter you can put on layers and get warmer.

nothing helps ease this crappy weather unless you are in air conditioning.

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if   Leave a comment


If money were no object, meaning you had endless amounts of money at your fingertips, what would you do with it?

What are your dreams?

If I had the money I would take flying lessons and learn to fly a small plane.

If I had the money I would hire someone to teach me to play the  piano

If I had the money I would hire a personal trainer to get me into better physical shape

Of course I would help my siblings and my children with their bills and buying them a dream home……

I would own a house in the mountains

I would own a house on the beach

I would travel everywhere

I would give to find a cure for cancer

I would build a safe haven for unwanted children…….

the list probably could go on and on.


I will say it again, good thing dreaming is free…….

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Florida bound   Leave a comment

daytona beachcropped-dsci44341.jpg


so I asked my husband where he would like to go for his birthday

seeing as my youngest sister and I are not going to see my sister Kathy in Fort Myers and I already have the time off of work I thought I would let him pick where we would vacation to.

and guess where he picked?
Yep you guessed it, Daytona Beach Florida.


And while I don’t mind going there, because I haven’t been to the ocean yet this year, Next year we are going to have to head West again.

Wyoming, or Montana or Oregon…..

Somewhere we haven’t been.

And yes I have driven through parts of Montana and Wyoming, I haven’t actually visited either state except to go to Yellowstone National Park, and that was a rush visit.

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Toby   1 comment

my new puppy

In three days I will be getting a chocolate lab pup.

I am a bit nervous because I hope it isn’t going to be a major struggle to get this little guy adjusted to our lives.

mainly the potty training has me worried.

but I did it with Max so I know I can with this little man too.

Aaron my grandson named him Toby.

It wouldn’t be the name I would have picked but I told Aaron he could name him, so Toby it is.


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how I would love……..   Leave a comment


I would so love to be standing here taking this picture.

It is so beautiful.

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we had all the kids over Friday night for tacos.
Well everyone but Paula because she had an emergency in Milwaukee where she lives and couldn’t make it down.

Then yesterday afternoon and evening we had all of them over again, minus Paula Tonyia and Mirielle.

and today here in a bit we will have Bailey while Emily Adam and Aaron go to a movie this afternoon.
I LOVE my family so very much, but I do have to say a little down time now and again is nice too.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather spend every minute of every day with my kids and grandkids then never see them.

I just like my quiet time too.

I know I am very blessed.

Work again tomorrow.

Not ready for another week but it isn’t like I can do anything about it.
I need the money so I work.


Monday blahs

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I’m writing again!   Leave a comment

What a wonderful wonderful wonderful feeling it is to be able to write AGAIN!

it is like my hand is doing all the work.

there is no effort from my brain,it just flows like a river out of me.

I have written 39 pages in the last three hours.

I so love the ability to write!!!!


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