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stormy weather……….Florida   Leave a comment

we are having storms today
65-80 mile winds and a lot of rain
it looks like there are ponds where the yard should be.
hopefully none of it will come inside

I have my three youngest grandchildren today
Keira and Kayla’s mother will be here in about ninety minutes to get the girls and then we will take Aaron home and take Max over there so that my daughter Emily can watch him while we head to Florida

we will be leaving for Florida in the morning
God willing the trip will go off quite easily and the weather down there will be great
I have a hotel on the beach so hopefully it will be quite nice.

not sure if I will write another blog before I get back from Florida in six days.




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Day two, more humidity and rain   Leave a comment

here we are on day two of my vacation
I have the grand daughters again today
I may take them to a movie since it is supposed to rain off and on all day
it is humid out and I hate that so going into an air conditioned theater sounds nice.

I could get use to this never working again………
maybe some day


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first day of vacation   Leave a comment

so my first day of vacation has been spent with my four grandchildren

They fight and then make up and then fight again

we have gone swimming and went out for lunch

the older kids played outside for a while and the younger two watched “Lion King” and played on the computer

Now the older two are making posters and the younger two are painting.

I love these lazy days and spending time with my little people


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feeling free   Leave a comment

I got the time off of work so I am free till July 8th
what a great feeling.

I have my grand daughters today and tomorrow
they are 5, 8 and 11
am planning on taking them swimming one day and then maybe a movie the next

Saturday my sister’s are coming over for a gathering then my two younger grand daughters are going to stay the night Saturday night and we will have them all day on Sunday

We also have to go get the U-Haul for my sister’s move to Florida

Monday we will probably help them pack it up and then we are leaving for Florida bright and early Tuesday morning

And be back in Iowa by Sunday July 6th

so it is going to be a busy 12 days off of work


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already there   Leave a comment


yes I am putting my mind in Florida mode


in my mind I am already there……….


the beach, the hot sunshine, the water………….


I may always be a mountain girl, but I long for the beach too

can’t wait to go!

daytona beach

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Tv last night   1 comment


so I was watching TV last night about two different families that up rooted their lives to move to Alaska to live

My God that would be paradise
The scenery alone would make me never  want to leave

One man and woman and their family were living in Hawaii and decided they needed wide open spaces

the other, a married couple moved from Portland Oregon to Alaska.


too cool

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HATE   Leave a comment

I rarely use the word hate but lately it has come to my mind more often than not
I HATE with a passion cleaning.
Oh I don’t mind cleaning my own home but I am sick beyond words to how much I HATE cleaning this school
yes I will say it again, I am so ready for a week off

I also hate bugs
Any kind
Let me clarify this…….I hate going outside wanting to enjoy the nice day and be mauled by bugs. Even if I have bug spray on, which I hate as well because then I have to shower again……….the bugs seems to swarm around me.

I hate heat and humidity unless I am in or near water where I don’t notice it so much

I HATE showering and getting out of the shower and begin sweating all over again

I HATE Liars
I HATE when someone acts like I am stupid
I mean Lord knows I am not the brightest crayon in the box, but I do have a brain and I do use it more often than some people give me credit for.

I HATE being fat, and I am working on it although not as much as I should be

I HATE people who make excuses and can never admit they are wrong

There are a lot of things I love, but some days all the hateful things bring me down


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Looking at the bigger picture   Leave a comment

well I did it.
I went and spent the money for my family to have a hotel on the beach in Fort Myers Florida

It is an unnecessary luxury and I’m sure my husband will tell me so, but since Brian and his wife and daughter have never been there and we are only going to be there three days, I thought why the hell not?
You only live once right?

I honestly can’t wait till vacation
I am so ready to be done working for a while
Hopefully (with my fingers crossed) I can be done after today till July 8th

but I am waiting for my boss to approve the time……..

if not I am off after this Friday

But oh how great it would be to have twelve days off instead of just 9


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Monday blahs   Leave a comment

I’m sure I have used this title before
I have the Monday blahs.
But I have them every week
Hate being at work on Monday’s but as I have said more than once if I didn’t start work till Tuesday…..I would hate Tuesday’s.
Just am sick to death of cleaning.

but alas I am off next week
Four more days after today and I have nine days off.
It will be wonderful!

Hope everyone else is having a good Monday


(no reason for the photo other than it is neat to look at)

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the call of nature   Leave a comment


I’m sitting here in my den, on this humid cloudy day listening to a cd of ocean waves
It is calling to me.
I do think I would be happy in Florida IF I got to come back to Iowa once a month.
Yes even in the winter time to see my grandchildren

I love the sounds of the ocean
love the way it just gently rocks my soul to a calmness

can’t wait to be heading to Florida in a week and two days

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