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Grandchildren, husband and work~   Leave a comment

Our beautiful Bailey who is four needs naps and I haven’t been making her take one because she hates taking them and her mother says she doesn’t have to.

So we haven’t been making her.

But she needs them and I am going to have to enforce them because she is so tired by three thirty.

Ava, her sister and my darling four month old grand daughter is so incredibly wonderful and I adore her so much.

No not any more than the others but she is so sweet and precious……

My husband has no patience with the grandkids and gets very annoyed with them.

Makes me want to slap him if I am being totally honest.

Yeah they are kids and maybe I let them get away with a few things that I shouldn’t, but they are kids and they are my grand children to spoil.

He doesn’t need to get all bent out of shape and yell at them.

It really pisses me off.

And I am going to start working more due to needing the money and my husband being done with working for the year and Christmas coming.

Never ever enough money to go around anymore or so it seems.





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It Is A Winter Wonderland Out There~   Leave a comment

I have been at work all day and am now home.

We got at least ten inches out there with the snow coming down very lightly now.

I love the beauty of it.

The snow hugging the trees and bushes.

I love Christmas though and snow of course must come with Christmas.





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As I Get Older~   Leave a comment

As I get older I find myself yearning for the beach and ocean.

I ache for the warmth of the sun~


two ten


two thirteen


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Thanksgiving 2018   Leave a comment

Well we had our Thanksgiving with our children and their families last night.

Everyone was here by six thirty and they were all gone by eight thirty.

We had Turkey with dressing, Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, home made cranberry sauce from our eldest daughter Paula, scalloped corn, green bean casserole, rolls and pumpkin pie, and or chocolate cream pie (for my grandson as he doesn’t like pumpkin pie)

It was a bit insane eating all of that so late at night but it is the only time that worked for all of my kids.

They will go to their spouses Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday and I will be at work from 6 till two that day.

So this was our only time to have our Thanksgiving.

I suggested we just not have it at all this year but the kids vetoed that.


So anyway that is done for another year.

I didn’t take any pictures because my kids tend to object to it so I will wait and do that on Christmas Eve.

Any hoo….we have tons and I do mean tons of left overs.

And anyone who knows me knows I am not a bit left over person.

I will eat some, but definitely not days and days of it.


On another note I am staying at my youngest daughters house while her family of five go to Minnesota to spend with her in-laws.

To house sit and watch her dogs.

I do have to work on Thursday as I mentioned and Saturday and Sunday 6 am till 6 pm, but when I am not working I will be dog sitting.

Which will mainly be at night tonight, tomorrow night, all day Friday and we shall see about Saturday night.

Emily seems to think they will be home on Saturday.


thanksgiving meal

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Listening to oldies~   Leave a comment

My son Brian came over and brought a bottle of whiskey for him and his father to share, he does this from time to time.

And when they drink they get to talking of life in the past and then they get to being very knowledgeable about everything.

Especially my husband.

Tonight they are listening to oldies.

First of Roy Clark

roy clark.png

since he just passed away yesterday but now they are listening to rock.

Or at the moment Creedence Clearwater Revival


My husband especially likes to listen to it all very loudly because for one, he is hard of hearing and the other he is half way drunk so he thinks it is all about the olden days and loud music.

Me not so much.

After a while it will just become senseless noise.

I know, I am an old fuddy duddy but when we are in our house with no where to go… gets loud and annoying after a while.

And so it goes……..



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I wonder why that is~   Leave a comment

I just read an email from my sister, who lately goes every other day in emailing me instead of every day like she use to, but in her email she wrote that she has a hard time finding a book that holds her interest.

I feel the same way.

I have at least four books that I have started that I have to finish and the reason is, they are boring or don’t hold my attention.

Is it because I am getting older and the brain just doesn’t stay focused as well?

And I have about thirty books in my study downstairs that I bought but haven’t even attempted to read even though at one time I found them interesting enough to buy.

There is one or two down there that I have started but stopped reading because again, it isn’t holding my attention.

Maybe it is my frame of mind when I attempt to start a book.

I know one of my favorite books “Envy” by Saundra Brown, took me four times  starting it before I read it and loved it.

The first chapter was boring and didn’t hold my attention.

It didn’t “Grab” me and make me interested in the characters immediately.

But I did read it and loved it.

So I know these other books will be decent too, but as I said…..sometimes it is hard to get in to one…..

I do wonder if it has to do with getting older?

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What Is That One Thing?   Leave a comment

If you had one wish, only one, what would it be?
What would that one thing be that you want above all others?
Living to be a hundred?
More money then you knew what to do with?
Being a successful novelist?

Bringing back a loved one?

Right a wrong you once made?

What would that one wish be?

I understand that it would take a lot of thinking to come up with that one thing.

But if I had one wish,  just one~ it would be that my four children and their spouses and children and my husband Rick, would know and love the Lord Jesus Christ as much as I do, and know that only through Him, will they have everlasting life.

All the money in the world will not bring my family and loved ones closer to God and His Son.

Righting wrongs from the past definitely wouldn’t do it.

Being a successful novelist or anything else being successful at…..would not bring them closer to Our Lord.

That is my one wish.

I pray nightly that God help me find the words to teach and talk to my children, husband and grandchildren, to work through me to bring them all closer to Him.

Only through God and His Son will they live in Heaven one day.

God willing, one day I will be able to help them find the way…..



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God Bless One and All~   Leave a comment

God bless all those fire fighters who are working every day on to put out the fires in California.

God bless all fire fighters but the ones who are in California right now are not getting much if any breaks from fighting those horrendous fires.

I know, every fire fighter works hard, but according to the news on ABC this morning, the firefighters who are working in California are working twenty four seven with little to no breaks.

It is horrific.

God bless those who are losing their homes, who have lost loved ones and for those who have died in those fires.

What a horrific way to die.

calirornia fires three

california fires too.png

camp fire fires in california.jpg

my heart just aches for them all.

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Christmas~   Leave a comment

So I have been in the mood for Christmas for about four days now.

Today we put up our little tree and yesterday my husband put the lights outside while I was at work.

Christmas eve is six weeks from tonight.

Hopefully Paula will be able to come home.

Here are a few pics

my treeThis is our little tree with all kinds of candy canes on them, due to our grandchildren loving them.

my house one

outside my house

my house two

and one more outside my house


and my grandchildren’s stockings

my grandkids stockings

Our Christmas will be small this year as we are just giving the grandkids money, due to none of them needing anything.

And I feel like I spend a lot and they don’t appreciate what they get.
So this time they can just have money and get things they want.

I kind of feel a bit let down, not actually doing the shopping thing…..but we will do it this time this year and see what next year brings.


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My Muddled Thoughts Today~   Leave a comment

Today is my 12th day off

I work the next two days both twelve hour days.

One part of me dreads it.

The other part is looking forward to it.

Why you may wonder?
Well as much as I love my grandchildren and I do I love them more than I love my own life…….I miss the interaction of being with adults.

I miss just doing something other than revolving my day around my grandchildren.

And to be honest, the older two, Aaron who is 8 and Bailey who is 5, they both back talk to me and I detest that.

I keep telling them to stop, but I won’t spank them and or slap them.

It is not my place.

I did cuss at Aaron earlier because I had to tell him something three times before I cussed and he did as I said.

I am not proud of that, but it shouldn’t take me three times to tell him anything.

And Bailey loves to tell me no.
Which pisses me off.
I tell her over and over that I will not except her back talking to me.

She has been put in the corner several times and or made to lay down and take a nap.

She is always always so much happier and nicer after a nap.

Still if I could choose I would choose to not work at all.

Unfortunately that isn’t realistic now.

Maybe in a few years.

Right now I need money to pay bills.

I got paid today and after paying bills I have three dollars left.

It is depressing to me.

So I am going to have to tell my boss to put me on a few more days a week so I can make more money.


Now I have a three day break from my grandchildren because I work the next two days and then my son in law doesn’t work on Monday due to Veterans day being on Sunday.

My husband is off that day as well.

We may go to a movie or two.

There are several I would like to see.

I will miss my darling Ava though.

My three month old grand daughter.

She and I have bonded and I will miss not holding her precious little body to my chest and have her look at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

I will miss Aaron and Bailey too but not their back talking…..

So here I will be working twenty four out of the next forty nine hours.

Hope it goes well.

Happy Weekend!



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