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Memorial Day   Leave a comment

Most people are just happy to have an extra day off of work, due to this holiday and I think they forget the importance of this day.
To give thanks and maybe even celebrate those soldiers who fought for our freedom over the decades.

Here in my little corner of the world there are the flags that hang proudly in the sun down at our local cemetary and it is quite beautiful.
There has to be close to two hundred flags there.
All of local men who fought in the wars.
My father in law, has his name on a flag down there for fighting in the Korean war.

I know most people feel this day is the beginning of summer and it is in a way.
But we should all remember those who fought, and some who died, so that we live in this wonderful place called The United States Of America.


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where do they go?   Leave a comment

Okay I have been moved back to this house for almost six months now and I still find myself looking for things, and I have no idea where they could be.
It is irritating!
I know some things got taken to the attic, however I was pretty certain I knew what went up there and what I was going to use, wouldn’t.

However I guess I need to force myself to go up there and sweat it out while I look for things I can’t find.
Darn it.

It is always hotter upstairs in the attic than anywhere else in the house and with these warm summer days already, it will be sweltering up there.
Guess I should have gone up before my bath this morning.

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I want my mom!   Leave a comment

so I had my three-year old grand-daughter yesterday for four hours along with her sister who is a year and a half.
Anyway Keira the three-year old had a fever of 102 when she woke up yesterday morning and although her fever was down due to her mother giving her motrin, she still wasn’t feeling all that great.

However her mother decided she needed to be out and about and asked me to watch the girls.
Sure no problem

The first two hours went fine.
And then Keira started getting loud and demanding and wanting her mother.
I got screamed at and she cried and demanded I get her mother to come and get her.

Well that just didn’t work out that way so she cried and screamed and begged and pleaded for me to make her mother come and pick her up.
“I WANT MY MOM!” was said probably two hundred times in that last two hours.

I called my daughter in law who talked to Keira and she told us both she would be there shortly.

I talked to my son via texting and he accused me of being unable to handle a three-year old.

It royally pissed me off and now I am being threatened by him that since I can’t handle a three-year old they will find someone else to watch their children.

I was so mad and hurt I cried all the while Keira was crying and begging me still to make her mother come and get her.

Kayla, my sweet, was perfect and totally content to play and watch cartoons.

IT was a hellish morning and I was very happy when their mother came to get them.

She was quite rude and down right ugly, repeating “I had to come back because you are SO SICK!”

to which Keira would just smile and be happy that her mother was there.

What does a person do?
I wanted so badly to say to my daughter in law, “You have your fucking priorities all screwed up!  When your child is sick, you stay home with said child!  you don’t just take off and leave her!”
But I didn’t.
I just kept my mouth shut.

so I will find it interesting to see what happens the next few days.
We usually watch them on Saturday nights, but I will be surprised if we get them.

I have to be punished you know, for not being able to handle a three-year old who didn’t want me, but only wanted her mother.

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thanks sis   Leave a comment

thanks to my sister Kathy who is all wise and knowing, I got a memory card from Wal-Mart tonight and it works great!!
All  that aggravation  for nothing!
I need my camera because my grandchildren change so much from week to week and with Aaron here, I have to  take as many pictures as I can to capture him as  he changes from day to day.
So thanks sis!!

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Damn   Leave a comment

I am aggravated beyond words.
Seems my memory card for my digital camera is no longer working so I have been on-line trying to find a replacement for it.
To no avail.
Quite depressing.

I will have to go to Best Buy and see if they can help me, or maybe even Wal-Mart might have what I need.

I wonder if a standard memory card would work?
Or do I dare spend the money to find out it won’t?

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Crystal versus Lee   Leave a comment

Okay I have to say it, I was disappointed in American Idol’s winner last night.
I think Lee is a great guy who seems really nice and his voice is alright.
But Crystal, Crystal is a bona-fide singer!
The girl worked the stage over and over, even with the well-known artists she sang with.
She is a pro and should have won the award.
It saddens me that she didn’t.
I only hope that she still follows her dreams and becomes the great singer she is meant to be.
But if nothing else, she got a car out of the whole thing, and her name out there for all of us to know!

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what to do with myself today?   Leave a comment

my days tend to run together any more.
NOT that I am complaining, I’m not.
I just got up and thought, hmm….what should I do today?
It is beautiful outside so it seems a crime to be inside when it is so wonderfully nice outside.
however the back is still healing so doing anything physical is probably not the greatest idea.
I will go out and read here in a  bit and work on tanning my white legs.

I will go get my two youngest grand daughters around three and bring them home until their mother gets off of work.

but I have no other great plans.

I should at least type on my story if I am unable to write, but again, it is so nice outside…….it seems a waste of a day to sit inside……

ho hum ho hum……


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and the winner is!!!!   Leave a comment

So for those of you who do not watch American Idol, you may want to go to someone else’s blog
I watched it last night and hope that Crystal Bowersox wins.
I will be shocked if she doesn’t however….last year when I thought Adam Lambert would win it (He wasn’t my choice) Kris Allen won it instead!

So it is of course not set in stone that Crystal will win it.
Depends on who voted last night I guess.

it isn’t that I don’t think Lee Dewayze isn’t good enough.
He is, he has a good voice and a great smile and seems to be a really nice guy.
It is just that Crystal is better.

Which ever one wins I hope they do something with their talent.
There are a couple of Idol winners who won and then we never hear from them again
Taylor Hicks comes to mind.
Why put forth the effort to win the thing and then do nothing with it?
Doesn’t make sense to me.

At any rate, the finale is tonight and then my nights of being glued to the TV from Monday through Wednesday nights comes to an end for the summer.

My pick on Dancing with the stars won last night too!!!
So hopefully Crystal will win as well.

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Coritsone shot   Leave a comment

yesterday I went to the hospital to have a cortisone shot into my back to help releave the pain and swelling that comes with my slipped disk.
And while they put it in, I had horrific pain and pressure going down the back of my leg and it was all I could do not to cry out.

I was told that the pain will be worse today and already I can feel that it is.
I was in pain last night over it.
Just feels like a burning sensation going down my leg, stopping at my knee and then proceeding down to my ankle.
Not a good feeling.

I was told to not do anything to over exert myself.
Hey people I have a slipped disk in my back, I am off of work…..what can I do to over exert myself?

That will come when I am cleaning the school here in two weeks.

So today is another day of bumming while I let the cortisone shot do it’s work and I find something to do.
I wish I could write, but it still eludes me.

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What makes a person dream?   Leave a comment

I often wonder about this?
Why do we dream the things we dream?
It is quite odd to me.
The last four nights I have dreamt of an old boyfriend.
One I haven’t talked to or seen in months and now suddenly he is popping up in my dreams!
isn’t that odd?

I have had different dreams in the past about my mother who passed away eighteen years ago, and my grand mother who passed away twenty years ago.
And while the dreams aren’t exactly about them, they are alive and well in my dreams.

I just wonder, what makes a person dream?
And why do we dream the things we dream?
So strange……

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