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Something New~   Leave a comment

Here it is, my brand new car

my new car 2020It looks green in this picture but I think it is more a darker blue.

Of course it is a cloudy crappy day so maybe in the bright sunshine it will be green.

I love it.




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Happy New Year~   Leave a comment

Yes we still have nine hours and twenty minutes before the clock strikes midnight and it will be 2020

But …..I won’t be up to see the new year in as I have to work tomorrow at six am and need my beauty sleep

Plus we are watching my nine, five and eighteen month old grandchildren so their parents can go out and paint the town.


I do hope everyone has a wonderful new year in whatever they do and that they are safe and happy and healthy.


See you in 2020


yep, still yearning for the ocean……….

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Here I Go Again~   Leave a comment

It is about three fifteen in the morning and I am unable to sleep again.

Lord knows this is driving me crazy.

Second time this week that I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.

I can’t get comfortable so that may be part of the problem.

I lay on my left side a lot of the time.

I try laying on my right side and my hip hurts so much that I can’t do it.

I use to be and love to lay on my stomach, but that bothers my lower back too much.

Right now I feel annoyed and frustrated because I can’t sleep

Darn it anyway……

Today is my day off though so I may be able to nap when I lay Ava down later this morning.

Something to look forward to anyway……


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Another Year About Done~   Leave a comment

Well here it is December 26th.

Hard to believe.

Five days from now is the last day of 2019

A new year and a new decade begins.

Amazing how quickly it all goes.


I wonder what the new year will bring.

I will begin a new job.

Hopefully we will get somethings done around our home.

Everyone will turn another year older.

God willing everyone who is with us now will be with us a year from now.



Still wishing I was in sunny warm Florida

three five

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I can’t sleep~   Leave a comment

I can’t sleep which is awful considering I have to be up in less than four hours to shower and go to work.

Ugh I hate nights like this.

I doze and then something wakes me up.

Usually leg cramps.

I am way too old to try to get through a day with barely four hours of sleep.

Damn it.


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Merry Christmas~   Leave a comment

In two hours and nine minutes it will be Christmas Day.

Not that it means much to me in way of celebrating.
We always have our Christmas on Christmas eve.

Which we did and now it is over with for another year.

I know many people, hundreds of thousands of people will be celebrating tomorrow and sharing their love and time and presents with their loved ones.

We had a good time tonight and even though Paula wasn’t here it was still great.

Rick got me a new laptop, and three pairs of earrings.

They are birthstones for each of my children’s birthday month.

Of course since Paula and Emily share the same month, I only got three pairs instead of four for the four children I have.


I am working tomorrow.

Like I feel like I do every day.
Still tomorrow should be easier with my coworker back and she is more than willing to do her fair share of work.


It is time for bed, but I tried sleeping and I just toss and turn so I m writing a blog.

I love to sleep and will be miserable tomorrow morning when four thirty rolls around and I have to get out of bed and get ready for work.

I hate the thought of it but still I know it is good for me to work and I do believe tomorrow will be double time.


My body keeps crying for sleep.
Just wish my brain would turn off

Merry Christmas!

christmas tree


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Day 3 of 7   Leave a comment

I am working a 7 day stretch

Today is day 3

The girl who usually works so I can have a day off is leaving for Germany today to spend 2 weeks there. Then she is flying to Paris where she will spend 2 more weeks before coming home to Iowa

No I don’t intend to do 7 days in a row very often while she is gone

Bur this one week won’t kill me

Maybe a month from now i will be over on tge other side where I can just work my job and not have to fill in for others


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