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2 years ago today we lost this man.

A good actor and great humanitarian.

I think of him often and I still am saddened by his death.

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I guess the snow is going to go north of us so we will just get a dusting if that.
I do have to say though the thought of winter is making me depressed.

I so miss the sun.

I miss my tan….

I always feel healthier when I have a tan.


I love winter for the most part but for some reason this year just the thought of the cold wet snow brings me down.


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sounds like we are going to get more snow tomorrow.
November in Iowa…’s to be expected.
but I gotta say, I miss the sun……..


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DSCI4434I have to say I am missing the beach and warmer temperatures.

I would even go to Fort Myers Beach over Daytona right now because Fort Myers is warmer.
It is cold and dreary here.
I know, get use to it…….winter has barely begun.
But I yearn to drive south for a week or more just to soak up some rays.




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DSCI4749Did you know you can buy 20 acres of land in Montana for less than $35,000?
It doesn’t have electricity and or phone connection but wouldn’t that be cool to have land that was so primitive?

I would love it.

Of course I would love my condo on the ocean too.

And my home in Kanab Utah

One in the mountains of Wyoming….

I could go on and on.
Good thing dreaming is free.



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parts of the Midwest, south of us are going to be getting ice and some snow.

Thank God my sister Wanda is heading north to see her new grand child come into the world.
I would hate for her to be driving in ice.

Soon enough we will all be blanketed in snow again.


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