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After Holidays~   Leave a comment

Today is the fourth day I have been off from work and I have to say I don’t ever want to go back.

Yes the money is nice and yes I need insurance so I must work.

But I do wish I never had to work again and had the means to just live and buy whatever I want when I want.


Good thing dreaming is free.

Thanksgiving was Thursday of last and it was enjoyable but would have been better if Paula had been here.

Adam was sick with the brown bottle flu, so he wasn’t here and Tonyia and Mirielle didn’t come for fear of the coronavirus.

So it wasn’t the same.

We have more left overs then I know what to do with.

I am not a huge left over kind of person but alas… is what it is.

We have been helping Emily move and I have been cleaning while Rick helped move.

That was Friday.
Yesterday we had the grandchildren for the majority of the day and today is laundry, cleaning and a bum day.


Still wish I was rich……….


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Keto Diet~   Leave a comment

I started the Keto diet a week ago today.

I have lost five pounds in that week.

I can tell you that you aren’t hungry when you are on this diet but……I miss the chips, gravy’s and other things that I can not eat on the Keto diet.

I am not hungry but I miss eating

I guess I live to eat

I miss not being able to have a acholic drink

I miss sugar too.

But alas I want to be healthier and thinner.

So I will trudge through the mud of this and hopefully come out the other end 55 pounds lighter.

That is my goal.

To be 55 pounds lighter a year from now.

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Hello Love   Leave a comment

Thinking of you makes me blue

What could have been, what might have been if I had ended up with you

Its water under the bridge

Im no longer living on the edge.

Of loving you that will never change

Of needing you I had to rearrange, my heart, my soul, my priorities

You and I just weren’t meant to be

A stolen love I often think, not a love that lasted like a blink

Committed to others

Yet we didn’t bother to remember them

It should have never been

The love that you and I shared

I lay my heart open bare

And in the end I find I only cared too much, loved too much, lost too much, hurt too much

And for what?

To miss you and think of you

And all it does is make me blue…….

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I probably over stepped…..   Leave a comment

So right after Biden won the presidency, the republicans started whining about votes being counted where no one voted.

I put on facebook that I could guarantee that if trump had won no democrat would be whining about false counting and it all be rigged.

My eldest sister gets on and is doing nothing but swearing that trump was the official winner and the democrats are lying.

I asked her to stop commenting on my face book page and that I disagreed with her.

She kept saying things all in capital letters like she was screaming at me.

I again said to stop commenting on my face book page.

She kept right on screaming through the face book.
I finally said “You are insane!”
And she responded “NO I AM NOT INSANE!!!! I KNOW THE TRUTH!!!”

So I blocked her from my page.

A few days prior we got into a disagreement about who the better man was.

SHe was going on and on about all that trump has done.

I said, I am not talking about anything political that I was talking about him as a human being.

That he is a liar, a cheat, a child, raciest , makes fun of mentally challenged people and on and on.

All she kept talking about in capital letters was all trump has done on for our country.

I again said ……I am talking about the man he is, nothing else.

And she wouldn’t stop commenting and ignoring me.

I realize in the big scheme of things my calling her insane probably wasn’t the best thing to do.
But she was acting insane and she can’t seem to get past anything anyone else says.

Trump is not a moral man.

He is not a well behaved person.

I think part of him is insane or very close.

he is a child, throwing fits and refusing to accept that he lost the presidency.

I am betting it is probably the first time he has lost anything.

He is acting like a baby.

Fair and square, but not one republican I know, will say he won it fair.

Just ridicioulous.

After a few days I tried to unblock her, my sister but I have found she has unfriended me.

I’m sorry she felt the need to do it but hey, I am not going to say a man is a good person and decent person when they aren’t.

She is blinded by him as are so many people.

I don’t get it nor will I ever get it.

It is like a cult and they can’t get themselves out of it.


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The big question   Leave a comment

who will the next president be?

That is what everyone wants to know

I am hoping for Biden but am very afraid Trump will get it again

If he does than he does

Not like I can change it

But hopefully what ever happens people can remain peaceful


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