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So I worked the weekend and got off at ten pm last night.

I was in bed by eleven thirty.

Got up at five so that is what?
Five and a half hours of sleep?

I had to be at work at six so I went to work…….it was about  ten and I started feeling sick  to my stomach but had a small bowl of pudding which gave me the get up and go I needed to finish out the day.

Working sixteen hours in a twenty four hour period with only five and a half hours of sleep is hard on this old body.

Just not as young as I use to be.

I did about six loads of laundry too today with no help from anyone else on folding or putting clothes away.

I cleaned two apartments too.

So I was busy.

Have to work tomorrow and then I am off for two days.


I have to go to the hospital with my youngest daughter for a test that begins at 7:30, so I won’t be able to sleep late until Thursday morning and believe me I will sleep later then five or six am.

Then I work Friday Saturday and Sunday and then not sure what after that……

me on the beach

yep still longing for the beach……..



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So I worked tonight even though I was supposed to have the day off.

I work tomorrow afternoon and evening too.

I actually don’t mind it.

I love working with the elderly.

We had a girl up and quit on Friday (yesterday) so therefore I had to work today.

I was scheduled to work tomorrow anyway.

I am working Monday and Tuesday and then have Wednesday and Thursday off and then work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I wasn’t supposed to work next weekend but since the girl quit my boss is short of help so I volunteered.

This last week I worked one day and had class one day so I really had five days off.

So it is nice to be working in the hours when the tenants are awake so I can visit with them.

With the girl quitting I doubt I will be working many over nights.

Which truth be told, I am fine with.


I am happy with my life.




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It feels a lot like October now.

It is cold.

The high today is going to be 44 degrees.


Tomorrow will be the same with snow showers.

I love winter but I am not ready for bitter cold just yet.


Yes I would love to be at the beach……

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Some day~   Leave a comment

niagra falls

Some day I hope to see this beautiful place.

Niagara Falls

The beautiful trees in the back ground look exceptional too.


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I cleaned this morning and have had a lazy day ever since.

Well I made ham and cheesy potato soup for dinner but the rest of the day was being a bum

Which is okay, sometimes a person needs to just be a bum

I watched all 8 episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix.

It was alright.

Not wonderful but entertaining.

Which is what it is all about.

stranger things





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fall leaves threefall leaves twofall leaves

The high today was 55 and while yes it will get colder and they are even saying by next weekend it will be in the forties for highs, it was a very cool fall day in Iowa today.


It has rained on and off today as well.

I so love the colors of fall……






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Storm clouds And Color~   Leave a comment

The husband and I went for a ride today in the jeep

Probably the last nice day we will get to.

It was 80 degrees but very windy and it was an enjoyable ride.

Here are some pictures of storm clouds and a bit of color in some trees.







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It is another beautiful day in Iowa today.
God sure has graced us with a pretty fall.

The weather has been wonderful of late.
So wonderful that it is hard to imagine in a few short weeks it will be getting colder.

But it is the transition of life.

Going from one season to the next.

I love winter too though so I am not going to complain.

Fall has become my favorite season though.

I use to love Spring the best but it is usually wet and muddy.

Not that I detest it.

I don’t.

My seasons go like this in preference

Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer.

And while I love the sun and to feel it’s warmth I detest bugs and humidity.

So that puts Summer in the last place.

Still I have no complaints.





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Looking Around~   Leave a comment

I was sitting in my back yard this morning with my grand daughter looking around my back yard.

My husband wants a two and half car garage and I want to side our house and get a bigger deck.

Yes all of that takes money.

Money, it always comes down to money.


Why can’t I write the great American novel?
Why can’t it be so grand that they want to make a blockbuster movie of it?
Why can’t I have that talent?


That would be my ideal job.

It would be heavenly for me to be able to write so well that I would make money off of my books.


Sigh~ so much I want to do with remodeling around here and of course I have to work to get the money together/saved to do it.


Don’t get me wrong I have a lot to be thankful for.

I know that.

I basically want for nothing.

But there are things I want…….

Yeah I know…… everyone else.




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