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so I walked forty five minutes yesterday and got my heart rate up nicely.
I did ten sit ups, which I realize is hardly any at all but….since I haven’t exercised in years I have to start out small.
I also did some arm lifts with ten pound weights.
not a lot because I didn’t want to be sore today.
My legs are sore though from walking so fast and even though I intend to do it again today, (better shoes this time)
I am on day two without pop.
I just have to give it up because when I drink it I gain weight too easily.
I am determined to lose weight.
At least twenty pounds by July first.
Hopefully more but I think twenty pounds is pretty realistic.
twenty pounds in four months?
I think I should be able to do better than that but again I want to keep it realistic
I will keep you posted.


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another typical Saturday   Leave a comment

well I’m up and showered and have laundry started.
Now I have endless hours to fill my day with and I don’t know what that will bring.
I need to clean so that will take up a few hours but other than that….what to do?
I want to write but I’m not sure I have it in me.
Seems all pointless at times when I write.
Just doesn’t want to flow like I want it to.
The sun is shining and I do want to go for a walk later if it warms up a bit.
if it doesn’t I will go down to the dreary basement and walk on the treadmill I have down there.

Of course I would like to do something that costs money but since we have taxes to pay to federal and taxes to pay on the house, I shouldn’t spend the money.
Another reason why I am staying home when I am on vacation here in two weeks.
don’t need to spend the money when it can go on taxes.

ahh well…

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Everybody’s working for the weekend   Leave a comment

Ahh finally Friday has graced us with her arrival.
It is my favorite day of the week.
Why is it my favorite?
Because it is the last day of the work week and I have two days ahead of me without having to be at work.
Saturday is good too, but then when it gets to Saturday, I have already lost Friday night and then only have one more day off until I have to go back to work.
At least this way, with it being Friday, I have two days ahead of me and three evenings.

No big plans for the weekend other than my son’s birthday party tonight.
(He is 29 but we will probably play cards and or games)
Watching the two youngest grand daughters tomorrow night and then going to the movie “Dear John” with my daughter on Sunday afternoon.

of course I will have to fit in there, cleaning the house and doing laundry too.

Have a great Friday!!

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two weeks and a day from now   Leave a comment

I have vacation time coming up.
I am taking March 15th through the 19th off.
NO particular reason.
I mean if I had the money I would go south for the week to warmer temperatures but since I don’t have the money to spend, I will be staying home.
I do however plan to paint my bathroom
That will be my big project for the week.
I also have two birthdays on the 15th, my sisters and my youngest daughters.
So I will have to do something with them.

I would love it if my son and his wife found a place to live so I could get my home back to where I want it, but that might be rushing things so I will just make do with what I have planned and grin and bear it.

I’m thinking of tanning too, because I need some sunlight to warm me, even if it is the artificial kind.

Oh and I’m sure I will have my grand daughters some of that time too.

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Killer whales   Leave a comment

it is very sad to me that a trainer at Disney World in Orlando died today due to the over aggressive Killer whale.
I read the article on yahoo and heard it on the nightly news and they say this is the third time this particular whale has killed someone.
However what will be done?
Maybe they should let him go back out to the wild where he came from?

If this was a dog, they would have put him down after the first death.
NOT that I think they should put this whale down.

I just think people need to remember that this whale is out of his element.
He is being forced to be where they have him.
In his own environment that is what he does, he kills
Hence the name “Killer whales”

I feel badly for the woman who died and very badly for her family and even for those people who had to watch this horrific scene.
But again, Killer whales are meant to be living out into the deep blue sea.
not a tank full of water performing tricks for peoples amusement.

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I’ve decided   Leave a comment

Since I am almost always awake by four am any more I am going to get up and go downstairs and exercise for forty minutes or so until the time when I use to get up and get ready for work.
That way I can one, get into an exercise routine and two, maybe lose some weight!

I need to start having a better out look on life and I know that.
Too many little things get me down and before I know it, I hate everything.

So starting right now, I am going to look on the bright side of everything and try to be more positive.
With God’s help I know I can do it!

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clogged head   Leave a comment

I’m not sure what it is with me, but I am having a lot of mood swings of late.
Monday I was in a really rotten, ready to run away mood, and yesterday I was completely fine and content.
Today however I am heading in the same direction I was in on Monday.
ready to say to hell with all of this and just to run away.
I wonder about my clogged head and what a therapist would say to these mood swings I have.
I don’t believe I am depressed enough to be put on medicine, I am not suicidal at all.
I would leave the state and find a place to live elsewhere before I would ever kill myself, however I do get the urge to just throw in the towel and leave the life I know now, more and more.
And before you ask dear reader, no there isn’t someone waiting in the wings for me to change my life so drastically for.
The very last thing I would want is another man in my life.
No if I were to leave it would be to find the person I am, that has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle.
the person inside of me that no one knows and never sees.
That is the only reason I would leave the life I have and find happiness some place else.
Just for me, or the me I use to be.

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oh the joys of getting older   Leave a comment

my back is giving me fits today.
Well actually it started yesterday but it is still with me.
Hardly have done a thing today and already it is bad.
I can only assume it is the slip disc/pinched nerves again.
for it is on my lower left side where I had this problem three years ago.
it actually has never gone away, just subsided enough to make it liveable for me.
But now it is back in full force.
Hurts from my lower left back all the way up to my armpit.

I know if I go to the doctor she will have me off of work for at least a week.
And I know she will want me to do physical therapy and tell me once again I need a different job.
Like I don’t know that already.
The shoveling is a man’s job or at least for someone who has a better back than I do.

ugh, the joys (NOT) of getting older.

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how do you say it?   Leave a comment

how do you tell someone you don’t want to do this any more?
how do you tell them without hurting them so completely that you just don’t want to be in this relationship anymore?
how do you find the words?
how do you find the guts?
the strength?
how does one say that to someone?
someone please just tell me how to say it!
and say it in the least painful way, so that hopefully a friendship can come out of it????

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Monday morning   Leave a comment

well I have been at work for two hours now and finally got the snow shoveled after being out there for an hour.
I need to go put some sand down but I need to thaw out a bit before I do that.
My face, fingers and toes are frozen, not to mention my thighs feel pretty cold too.

as I look upon another work week I think how much I dread this job and while I realize that is the same old song, different verse I tell myself I must stay here because it pays so well.
So I just need to get through the hour of shoveling snow each time it snows (or longer depending on the snow amount) and grin and bear it.

I have some bills I Need to pay off but I think in the next year or two I may make some major changes in my life.
and I need a good paying job to get all of that done.

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