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i often wonder why I am so blessed and others struggle day in and day out.

My life is wonderful and I have nothing to complain about.

Yes I rant and rave about disliking my job but it is a job and they pay me a great wage, so I should not complain.

And I know all I needed was a vacation to rejuvenate.

I told my sister a while back that I think I have such a good life mainly because of the man I am married to.

Because he keeps me grounded.

He is definitely the best of me as are my children and grandchildren.

Of course all of my blessings are from my Graciously  Heavenly Father

My life is wonderful

I am so very blessed

I just wish my siblings could be blessed as well

Or realize that they are and not see the negetive in everything.


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Florida here we are!  🙂


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I just told my sister Kathy in an email that if I died tomorrow or some time on this trip to Florida that I am okay with that.
And I am.
I know I am going to Heaven and I know I will be graced by the prescience of God and His Son Jesus

I know this as certainly as I know my own name.

My biggest regret would be leaving before I was able to see my grandchildren grow to adulthood.

I would love to see that before I die.

But if God chooses to take me before that happens, so be it.
I am not afraid to die because I know where I am going and it will be exceptionally beautiful.


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my favorite season   1 comment

Fall_image                                fall 2

fall3                fall 4

fal 5

I’m not really sure any words are needed.

I just love the beauty of fall.


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sitting on go………   Leave a comment

I’m ready for this to be over with.

I am so ready to be done with work and just head south.

I literally force myself to come to work

My back aches horribly but yet I still feel obligated to come to work.

Basically because I know I am off for eleven days  and I would feel guilty for calling in sick.
Oh but I want to.

If I never had to come to this place again I would be thrilled.

And while I know I should be grateful for a good paying job and I am……I just want to be on vacation…….



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God willing   Leave a comment

well in 72 hours my husband and I will be at the airport waiting to board our Delta airplane to fly to Florida once again.

God willing we will make it there and back.
I honestly don’t fear flying, I actually love to fly, but I always have a small thought of weather or not the plane is going to crash.

Probably my mother in me.

I also worry about weather or not all my loved ones will be alright when we are gone.

God willing they all will be.

Rick and I may take a drive over Halloween weekend and look at the beautiful changing leaves….or maybe we won’t….

But I don’t see another big vacation in our future unless we decide to go out west again sometime next year.
I really want to see Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and Yosemite National Park.

Of course if we drove to Utah I would be fine with that too.
I so love Utah.

But in all reality it is probably best to go to new places.

Thus I don’t think Florida will be on the list of vacation destinations again for quite some time.

(unless of course winter becomes long and unbearable)


This Friday will be my tenth trip to Florida

It really is time to visit other states

Hawaii maybe?

yosemite Yosemite


wyoming  Wyoming

glacier national park montana Montana

hawaii 2  Hawaii

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great while it lasted   Leave a comment

I had the writing bug yesterday.

notice I wrote HAD.

it has left me once again.
I mourn the loss of being able to write.

It is something I LOVE to do.

But alas…..the ability comes along only once every few months.

but it was great while it lasted.



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my son Brian and I on the Cedar River this past Saturday

As always……fun times.

tubing one                            tubing 4              tubing 3

tubing 5          tubing 9          tubing 7

tubing 10               tubing 11

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few and far between   Leave a comment

Every year we go to a family reunion on my  husband’s side.
Every year this reunion grows smaller and smaller.
Every year I have to prompt my husband to get up and talk to his aunts and uncles on his father’s side.

The aunts and uncles are slowly whittling down to  almost no one

He lost 2 uncles in the past 18 months.

I said to him yesterday at the annual reunion “Why do we come to these things if you are going to sit here among your family and not visit with anyone?”

which prompted him to get up and go visit people.

We don’t go for my benefit.

We go because it is his father’s family.

I enjoy seeing people but I don’t need to attend these reunions.

On his mother’s side no one puts forth the effort to get together.
Which is quite sad to me.
Yes I could do it but why?
it isn’t my family…..Rick’s sister could do it or one of his many aunts on his mother’s side.

But no one does.
So we see everyone at funerals.

seems rather sad to me…..

But what does one do?


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