rainy cold day

well our spring like temperatures have once again fluctuated back to a cold rainy day Yesterday got to 73 even without sunshine for the most of the say. it was wonderful! All the trees are budding beautifully and the grass is a bright emerald green. I so love spring……. yes even the rain….. 🙂

I like this~

Do what you got to do to get by. As long as it isn’t illegal, unchristian like and or it hurts someone~ 🙂

kicking my butt~

this old back of mine is kicking my butt today with the pain… ugh….. it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk and it really hurts to bend over. this getting old is for the birds…… damn it.

65 today

no it’s not the beach but it is going to be 65 in Iowa today! It is like a mini vacation! 🙂


My sister Kathy and I are talking about getting together with our three other sisters and two nieces to go and visit Colorado. Our younger sister Wanda may be moving out there before we plan the trip for September. One niece lives in California and may fly out to stay with us and then myself…

would you jump?

There is no way I would do this. I am afraid of heights for one thing and for another  what’s to say there isn’t some big rock down there? Or a shark? Nope this is not for me. A cool picture though 🙂

4 to go

I’m down to my last four days before my vacation starts. the time is dragging. I know, quit complaining at least I have a vacation on the horizon right? some people haven’t vacationed in years. I shouldn’t be bragging that I get to go again when I just went in September. sigh  


I love onions. I love to cook them and just eat them with whatever Unfortunately onions don’t always lo ve me. Today is one of those days. I am suffering horrifically with an upset stomach due to eating onions last night for supper. sigh. I can eat them nine times in a row and not…

Easter Sunday

Let us all not forget that Easter is more than candy and hiding eggs. That it is about our Lord and His son Jesus Christ. May everyone  have a blessed Easter