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141I am on night three of my work week, working third shift.

I am tired and find little or no ambition to do much of anything when I get home

For instance, I got off of work yesterday morning, got my three grandchildren at 6:55, slept from 8-11, as my husband was not working so he could watch my seven month old granddaughter.

I didn’t do much of anything other than watching my two grand daughters, before I was back in bed at 4 and slept till 8.

Got up, showered and ate and here I am at work again.

In the morning, this Thursday morning, I will have my grandchildren again, until Aaron and Bailey go to school, and then I will nap when Ava naps.

She usually naps for an hour or so.

That will probably be the only nap I will get as I can sleep tomorrow (tonight) .

My house is a pig style, I haven’t excercised in almost a week, and I feel like I have no energy to do anything.

This is the life of a night shift worker.

Friday will be better as I will be more rested, and then I work the weekend 6-2

Come Sunday afternoon I should be rested.

It is the in between time that gets me down

The working three third shifts in a row wears on me.

It is a job and I do like it better than second shift.

The only problem is I feel like a zombie barely existing when I work three nights in a row.

Nothing feels like it is ever accomplished, and the time seems to fly.

Here we are almost on March 1st.

Where has the month of February gone?

So yeah I am tired and look forward to getting back to normal by the weekend





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What?~   Leave a comment

What do you want out of life?
What is it that you need?
How hard is it to attain that thing?

What makes you happy?
What makes you sad?
What exactly is it that you want?

I just got up and showered after sleeping five hours, after working last night.

I do hope to get a couple more hours before I go  in at ten tonight.

The thing I seek is to retire.

To get my debt paid off and retire.

To enjoy my golden years without a lot of hassles and conflict.

What use to be important to me no longer is.

I don’t care about having a house to live in or a huge yard.

What I want most is to just live simpler and enjoy my children and grandchildren and the rest of my life….

Granted if money was no object then I would want an acreages and things.

Nothing that I would need but hey if money fell from the trees I would spend it.


I of course want healthy happy children and grandchildren but everything else is just fluff.

Unfortunately my husband still thinks he needs a house and all that is in it.

I just want to live without worrying about anything.

Yeah, I want things simple.



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A Gift That Needs To Be Remembered~   Leave a comment

Every day is a gift.
Every single day.

There will come a day when I won’t wake up.

Hopefully that day is a long way off, but I know it will get me as it has gotten several of my loved ones in the past.

Everyone should remember that each and every day is a gift.

People complain about winter, about the man in the White House, about people driving around them.

People complaining brings me down.

It is depressing.
Why can’t people remember that every day is a gift?

I have two sisters and a mother and grandmother who may very well still wish they were here on earth.
Especially my sisters.

I know damn well that my sister Cyndi would love to be here on earth dealing with another winter.

Seeing her grandchildren and enjoying life.

Cyndi and Demetri 2007.jpg

I just wish people could be happier with life and not complain so much.


Yes I am ready for winter to be over with and yes I have even complained about it…..but honestly it is a pretty season.
And we can’t change it.

We still have at least a month if not longer of winter.

There is no point in being depressed about it or ruining your day over it.

You know “Accept the things you can not change, courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference”

I am not Mrs. Sunshine every single day of my life.

But I am very much a “Look on the Brightside”  kind of person.

My husband is a negative Nancy and it brings me down.

I do not want to be brought down.

I don’t want to be around unhappy people.

I think sometimes people have no clue how negative they are.

I see it, and it depresses me that they are so unhappy.

Change your circumstances if you are so unhappy.

That is the only solution.

Every day is a GIFT!
Every breath we take is a GIFT!
If you don’t feel that way about your life then you either need to change your life, or call it quits.

five fourteen


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Moving~   Leave a comment

We helped my son move today and will go back and help them finish it tomorrow.

I love their new place.

It is so awesome and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live there.

It has more than five acers of land and while I didn’t go walk it today with the rain and all the snow out there, it is beautiful.

Sure wish I could find a home in the country.

I am envious.
No doubt about it.

Matt's house

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Easier Said Then Done~   Leave a comment

Life can get me down, stupid mistakes I’ve made prevent me from the life I want now.

I’m tired, so therefore everything seems more difficult, or harder to accomplish.

I just have to buckle down and plow through.

Do the job, put in the time.

As the saying goes “You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it”

So I will lie in it, yes begrungently, but I will do it

Mainly because I have no choice.

That light that I saw at the end of the tunnel gets further and further away.

Basically for the next few years it has burnt out.

Depressing but it is what it is.

Plug away with little to no sleep

This is life as I know it~




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From Me To You~   Leave a comment

I dream and we are together.
I smile when I see your face

I love the wonderfulness of your hugs.

The warmth and oneness I feel when you hold me.

It has been years since I have hugged you but I swear it seems like it was yesterday.

Despite the fact that you broke my heart, I still  feel like a piece of myself is missing because you own that part of my heart.

You will always be in my heart.


And occasionally you will come to me in my dreams.

So I will see you there~


heart hands



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Right Here Waiting For You~   Leave a comment


This song touches my heart for a love that I lost.

I know deep down that where I am in my life is the best place to be.

But my heart will always love him and a part of me will always miss him.

So deep down I am still waiting…….in a sense.

hugging one.jpg

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Chasing Cars~   Leave a comment




I love this song~

hugging two


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I wonder~   1 comment

Why doesn’t anyone blog any more?
It baffles me.
No one that I use to read even bothers.
Even my sister goes days without blogging now.

I wonder what they are doing?
Why did they give it up?
Are they so busy that they can’t take the time?
Or are they bored with it?

I just wonder why no one bothers to write any more?

Unrecognizable person writing on a piece of paper.

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Rawness~   1 comment

My hand are raw due to cleaning and doing dishes this past weekend at work.

My palms skin just breaks down so much when I am working with water.

They are raw and ache.

The only thing I can find that eases the pain is a cream that I am having a devil of a time finding to buy more of.

It is frustrating and my raw hands are driving me crazy.

I have tried all kinds of lotions.

Even Vaseline isn’t working.


This rawness could make me insane.


raw hands

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