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Tonight is my first night home alone.
I got my entire downstairs cleaned, which is a great feeling.
Tomorrow I plan on heading into work for an hour or so, maybe do some grocery shopping and then come back home and tackle my upstairs.
Unless it is a nice sunshiny day.
if it is nice out, I will save the upstairs cleaning for Sunday evening.

I will have my grand daughters tomorrow night and then my children are taking me out to eat on Sunday for my birthday.

My husband will be home on Tuesday evening, so I will have three more nights after tonight to sleep in our king size bed and be able to sleep (and yes probably miss, his snoring)

It has been a long day and a longer week so I am going to close this and head off to bed.
Happy Weekend everyone!
(Sorry Kathy and Emily)


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am I wrong?   Leave a comment

so last night our trusty weatherman said it was supposed to start storming after midnight (we haven’t had a drop yet and it is almost seven am)

so my husband closes all the windows in the house.
I told him I wanted to keep our bedroom windows open and he said “No I want them closed so that I dont’ have to get up in the middle of the night to close them”
And I said “What if it doesn’t rain?  It will be stuffy in the  house if they are all closed”
The low last night was 63 degrees
He said “Then I would have to come home from work tomorrow and close them when it does start raining”
And I replied with “So close them before you go to work”
His reply was “I don’t want to be bothered with it. I’m closing them now”

Now I ask you, am I wrong to resent having to spend a night in a stuffy house?
I let him have his way but I really resent it that he can’t be bothered to shut the windows

if I was in my own bedroom (which we had  seperate bedrooms for almost two years) I could have as many windows open as I wanted!
Just irks me a bit that he can’t put himself out

I should have just left them open and shut them this morning but in going against what he wanted, would cause friction I wasn’t up for dealing with.
Sometimes I think they are more trouble than they are worth!

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the ticking clock   Leave a comment

a man who lives in my small little town came into the city yesterday and was there for maybe an hour.
He drove back home to find his wife of 33 years, dead.
They assume she had a heart attack.
But what a shock!!!

It just reminds me that we are all on borrowed time

the clock is ticking and every second we are moving closer to that final destination.
Every minute we lose is one we will never get back.

Quite an eye opener if one thinks about it!

I’ve always had the feeling that I would live to be one hundred or pretty close to it.
I have never felt invincible but I do believe I will live a long time.
(My mother was 65 when she passed away and my father is still alive as far as I know?)

so who knows how long I have left to live?

Tick tock, tick tock……

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on my way in……..   Leave a comment

so it is finally Friday.
Seems like it took a while to make it to this day.
Maybe it just seemed longer since I was sick all week.
Sort of have a runny nose now and still have a froggy throated voice.
Always something I know.

on my way in today I was thinking, what am I going to do with my weekend?
All alone with out my husband.
Let me tell you I am looking forward to it in many ways.
I assume I will have my two youngest grand daughters Saturday night and part of Sunday
And Sunday I am turning the big 49!
so my younger three children are taking me out for dinner.
Not sure where yet but that will be nice.
They generally forget my birthday or Mother’s day since they are so close together.
if I get attention on my birthday than I may as well just forget about Mother’s day because they can’t seem to do both.
Oh well…..
I’m happy they just want to spend time with me on my birthday.

I want to come in tomorrow morning and clean the gym and do a bit of grocery shopping.
And if the sun provides it, I would like to tan a bit either tomorrow or Sunday.
I’m feeling like a pale face.

I have to go and get my little grand girls from day care today and will have them until five or five thirty when their mother gets off of work.
And my eldest son and his daughter will be there too

My husband leaves for the airport at six so….I will have a quiet night at home once the kids are all gone, after seeing their father and grandfather off.

What will I do?
I have a room full of boxes that I need to unpack and put the things where they need to go.
I have a house to clean and laundry to do
(I must say, doing my own laundry and no one else’s is quite nice/my husband does his own since he has his own bathroom down there where the washer and dryer are)

I hope to write some and maybe paint some and of course be outside, weather providing.

sounds like a full weekend and I only hope I can get it all done.

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what do you think would happen?   Leave a comment

dare I admit this?
I just took an hour nap here at my desk.
I don’t know what would happen if someone caught me napping.
I can only assume I could be fired for it??
It wasn’t like I intended to take a nap, I just sat down at nine fifteen to take a break and I woke up exactly at ten fifteen!
odd and I do feel better, still freezing cold, but I don’t ache as much or feel as tired…

so obviously I needed the nap…..

but could I  have lost my job ???

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my sweet girl and her peanut   Leave a comment

here is my youngest daughter, 35 weeks pregnant and getting ready to go to her baby shower last weekend.
She is huge, I know, but she is adorable too
Love the thought of her little peanut entering the world here in less than a month!

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more beautiful pictures of the beach

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I miss the ocean and I really would love to be here right now.

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Siobhan Magnus   Leave a comment

So my favorite American Idol singer was axed last night.
Quite painful for me because I thought she had the best voice of all of the contestants.
Definitely better than all the men who didn’t get voted off last night.

she was adorably cute and had a huge voice and I honestly think American Idol is rigged because Siobhan was in the top ten most Googled hits all week-long and every one was saying how awful her voice was.
So now she is gone.
I don’t think that is right.
The girl has an amazing talent and she should have won the competition.
Saddens me greatly that she was axed.

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The Intruders   Leave a comment

I am reading the above titled book and while I can’t tell you the name of the author (the book is at work and I am at home in my den) it is a good book.
I have barely begun it and I find the whole concept pretty cool.
To think something from outer space could move in our world un known to us and live and manage us in the way they see fit.
Quite interesting

I have been reading more and more lately.
During the winter months I was reading three books a week and now I am down to one because it is nicer out and I have been working on putting my house back to normal.

So while I enjoy reading, actually it is one of my favorite things to do, I love a good book that takes me in and makes me live the characters as this book
“The Intruders” is doing.

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