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It’s been a while~   Leave a comment

I’m not sure where the days go.
Here it is September 30th.

October first is tomorrow.


Today is the third anniversary of Cyndi’s death.

I feel like it was yesterday in many ways.

But I have been blessed with another grandchild since she passed.

Her eldest son Richard got remarried.

My sister Kathy has another grandchild as well.


I miss her dearly and talk to her almost every day.

Of course she doesn’t answer but I still like talking to her

Life goes on, one works and comes home and works again.
Enjoying the days off like precious jewels.

They seem few and far between.


Cyndi one


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Once More ~   Leave a comment

Yesterday a man I use to be neighbors with passed away

Once more I am reminded how precious and fragile life is

He was 55 and had a bone marrow transplant last June. His body rejected it and he got a infection and never recovered

He was in the hospital for 99 days,  suffering 2 heart attacks and the doctors had to revive him 4 times

But his body just gave out

It is sad

Rest in peace Randy



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One to go   Leave a comment

One more 3rd shift to work tonight and then I am done with them

I am thrilled

Not sure how any one gets use to working 3rd and getting enough sleep


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Thoughts in my head~   Leave a comment

I’m thinking of trying to write a children’s book

The first few will be be for children 5 and under

The others that I have in mind will lean towards teenagers

Of course it all works in my head

Putting it all down on paper may be something else

I have one short story done

Now I need to work on the art work

And with the next 3 nights working third shift I hope I can get this first one illustrated


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How Quickly Things Change ~   Leave a comment

So I come in to work tonight to find the director of nursing still here

She asked me to come into her office and asked me if I wanted to go to first shift full time

I didn’t hesitate and said Yes

First shift is my preference

So I will start that shift a week from today

I feel God’s grace yet again


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22.5   Leave a comment

By the time I get to bed here in 55 minutes,  I will have been up for 22.5 hours

Needless to say I am tired

I only hope I can go home and fall asleep immediately as we are going out on the lake with my sons and their families

I may get 3 hours before I have to get up and shower before we meet them at 11 AM this morning

God willing I will be able to sleep


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The Unimportance Of Me~   Leave a comment

Never have I ever felt so unimportant as I do today.

I have been going back and forth to let my youngest daughter’s dogs out while she is in Minnesota visiting her in laws with her family

My son is staying there over night but he has been at his home working on his steps with my husband.

My granddaughters Keira and Kayla were supposed to be here by four.

I had been sitting her not doing anything to make sure I was here when they got here.

Nope no one shows up nor does anyone tell me that they are all over at my son’s working on his steps.

NO ONE TOLD ME THAT IS where my grand daughters were.

So I have sat here waiting for nothing.

AND they decide to have pizza but do I even get an invitation or even the courtesy of letting me know that my grand daughters are over at my son’s?

No one cares enough to let me know or to invite me to have pizza.

I feel like I am nothing.

Like no one gives a shit

I am so hurt and upset about it I feel like saying “Fuck you all, and I am out of here”
Like they would even miss me.

Yeah right.



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