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Funny yet odd~   Leave a comment

So a week ago we were in Florida and there was a storm with these kinds of clouds

shelf cloud two

florida shelf cloud

outside our deck facing the ocean.

At the time I wondered, what are these clouds called?

Well right now they are showing these same clouds over Iowa City and the weather man said they are called “Shelf Clouds”

Odd a week ago I was seeing this in Florida, and now it is in and around Iowa City.

I so love a good storm.




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I’m Free!   Leave a comment

That is how I feel

I feel free.

I just worked 44 hours in four days and while many people may do that quite often, I am not one of them.

And I have to tell you this old body wasn’t made for working that much.

Yes I use to work a forty hour week every week.

But that was over a year ago and I have obviously gotten really lazy or …….it is just too much.

Anyway as soon as I clocked out at work I felt FREE!!!!

I don’t have to be at work till Six am on Saturday morning.

Five days from now.

And I will only be working two twelve hour shifts not three and a half in a row!

Such a great feeling.


No great plans on my time off other than seeing my grandchildren and spending some time with my youngest and oldest sister.


Wanda and Carolyn

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Have I Ever Been This Tired?   Leave a comment

I am so tired.
Exhausted is a better word.

I just did my third twelve hour shift in a row.

AND I have to work eight hours tomorrow morning.

The thought of it makes me want to cry.


I have done nothing but work and sleep the last three days.


Doing first shift I am on my feet 90% of the time compared to the second shift position.

And I just ache from my waist down.

This getting old and not being able to handle working or being this physical is for the birds.

Sure wish I was in Florida still.





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Life~   Leave a comment

Got home from vacation yesterday afternoon, it wasn’t nearly long enough but it was great to get away…..

Saw three of my four kids and four of my six grandchildren so that was nice.

The hubby and I got into a bit of an argument which just told me that we had spent too many days together 24/7

Worked my first twelve hour shift today.

I ache, I am so tired because I was on my feet 90% of the day and yes I am worn out.
After lounging around for five days it was a bit hard to do it today, that twelve hours.

But I have tomorrow and Sunday to get through, twelve hours both days and possibly Monday an eight hour shift.

Have to wait and see on Monday.

Have no plans on my days off other then cleaning the house, trying to write ( I actually wrote for a few hours while waiting for our plane to take off in Atlanta yesterday and then about ninety minutes on the plane before I lost the ability to write)


And I didn’t actually write that entire time but outlined the story as I went.

I did a few ‘scenes’ that have been in my head and will have to form the story around them.

It was great being able to write.

I do hope to spend some time in my flower beds on my days off too.

I heard that we are supposed to get a powerful thunderstorm tonight that may produce golf ball sized hail.

I hope we bypass the hail…..but love a good storm.

I heard too we are back up in the nineties tomorrow.


But I will be in air conditioning so….it won’t faze me till I get off at six tomorrow night.

And then of course I want to spend time with my grandchildren on my days off too.

Bailey my four year old grand daughter starts preschool on Monday from 8 am till eleven am Monday through Friday.
She is very anxious.

Aaron wasn’t thrilled with school, nor was Mirielle, but Keira and Kayla said they loved being back in school.

So that is great for them……

Well I can feel the need to think about bed time.

It’s seven thirty in the evening but once I get a movie in and start winding down I am sure I will be asleep by nine.

God willing anyway.


Happy weekend one and all……..

me august 2018

This is me trying to keep my shorts dry in the ocean waves.

August 22, 2018




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Here we are-   Leave a comment

eight twoWe are in Florida

The flying was great, I do love to fly….

Our hotel room is right on the ocean and it is great here….

3 lazy days of just enjoying time off of work




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Heading South-   1 comment

So Sunday my husband and I are going to fly the friendly skies to Florida for a three day vacation on the beach

It will probably be our last time for a long while  as I start watching my three grandchildren full time on September 15th and won’t be able to just up and go like this once that happens

On August 26th my husband and I will be having our 38th wedding anniversary so this is sort of for that…..and we both have off of work

So God willing it will be a great time and sunny and relaxing



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A Slim Chance~   Leave a comment

So if I can get someone to work for me on Sunday my husband and I are talking about flying to Florida for a few days.

It would be Sunday to Thursday

Yeah I know, a short trip but it would be great fun and a way for us to celebrate our anniversary early.

We will be married 38 years on the 26th.

Chances are I won’t be able to get anyone to work for me.


Not that I need to spend the money anyway….but since I am going to be watching grandchildren every week until Ava begins Kindergarten it would be nice to get a way for a bit.



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Yeah I know…….   Leave a comment

So here I am on my fourth day off.

I love having time off but as I lay there this morning debating  on weather or not to get up, I think to myself, what am I going to do with myself today?

Everything I wanted to get done on my days off I got done so today is an “Open” day for me.

I have to say having four days off, is almost too much…..almost.

I know, I sound like I am never happy which isn’t true.

I am very happy.

Life is good and I am good.


I enjoy my job once I am at work.

The worst part is knowing I have to go in six hours…or four….or two….

I am not crazy about working every weekend but alas… is what it is and there isn’t any point in being in a bad mood about it.

I would prefer working Monday through Friday but since I will be having grand children here in a few weeks every day…..I can’t work Monday through Friday every week.

Any hoo……I sort of got off track of having four days off in a row……

I can’t say I am bored but when I have this many days off I feel like I should be doing something….like flying to Florida for a few days.


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It’s been a while~   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I have posted pretty pictures so here it goes…..

zion national park utah

Zion National Park, if you have never been I urge you to go.  It is beautiful…..

ashveille north carolina

Asheville North Carolina……I have never been but it is on my to do list…..

the land called scotland

Scotland, which I doubt I will ever see in person…..but the movies and pictures make it look beautiful…..

six seven

Beautiful Alaska which I do hope to see one day

oregon coast oregon

The Oregon coastline which I do hope to visit one day.

mt rainer.png

My beautiful Mount Rainer which I have seen and want to go and visit again.

hawaii volcanoes national park hawaii

and while I don’t need to see a volcano erupting, I do want to see Hawaii one day.


just one view of Hawaii

hapuna beach hawaii.jpg

and another.

I have a bucket list.

First and foremost I want to see Alaska, then Hawaii

I definitely want to return to my beloved Utah….but I want to see all of the states I haven’t yet been to.




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She Should Have Been A Nurse~   Leave a comment

A few days before my sister Cyndi passed away I was helping her go to the bathroom

Actually my brother was holding her up and I was cleaning her back side.

She said to my brother “She should have been a nurse”

And all of my life I have always had the desire to be a nurse.

But kids and life got in the way.

Tonight at work one of the residents said to me “Marge why are you always so nice to me?”
I laughed and said “Because I like you and it is my job to take care of you”
She smiled and said “You have such patience and such a good heart.  You should have been a nurse”
I told her I have always had that desire.


And honestly I was seriously thinking about going to nursing school this last spring.

I prayed about it and was even looking into a community college.

It would cost roughly $15,000 to $20,000  to do it, but I was seriously thinking of doing it.

The thing that stopped me was…….My daughter’s permanent babysitting decided to move away and my daughter had asked me if I would start watching her kids full time once she goes back to work after maternity leave.

I could not tell her no.

She has never had to pay a babysitter for watching her kids.

Her mother in law had been the babysitter until she moved to Minnesota.

I prayed about it and I even asked God to give me a sign, any kind of sign if going to college to be a nurse wasn’t the right thing to do.

Not even two days later my daughter told me she needed me to watch her kids as her mother in law was moving away.

God does answer prayers.

And while a part of me will always long to be a nurse… does warm my heart when an elderly person tells me I should have been a nurse.



nine twenty six



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