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I realize I am a day early on the new year’s resolutions or two if you count the actual day, but I have time today to write a blog and I won’t again till New Year’s day.

Tomorrow I am going to have lunch with my youngest sister and then we are having my grand daughters stay over night so their parents can go and celebrate bringing in the new year, so I will write my new year resolutions here and now

first and foremost

I want to be kinder, less critical of everyone around me.

I want to be more positive.

I want to swear less

I need to lose weight and I must realize that every day is a new day, if I mess  up one day, I can reapply myself and keep positive and lose the weight.

I need to stop spending money.

if I want to retire at 55, which is just 17 months away then I need to get bills paid off so I can.

I plan on only going on one vacation a year.

only one.

I need to just be content with who I am.

and some days that is hard to do.

but I know I can do it.




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thought for the day   Leave a comment

Well here it is, the second week of winter break.

That means a week from today school starts again.

Amazing to me how quickly time passes.


Our Christmas was nice.

Having all 4 of our children together is quite wonderful and rare.

Although Paula does come around more often then she use to.


I’m dealing with stomach issues and have been off and on for a week.

Quite annoying.

I’ve been up since 3AM with it this morning and it ticks me off.


Over all life is good though.

I had a dark day on Saturday, but I’m over it now.

Sometimes I think those dark days come more often then they use to, but maybe not……


I should probably mention it to my doctor next month when I go in for my physical.


Well its about time to get ready for work so……

Until next time……

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the day after   Leave a comment

well here it is the day after Christmas 2014.

our actual Christmas day was a bum day.
it may as well have been a weekend, since we did nothing with our children.
That is tonight at my son Matt’s house.

I am at work and have no desire what so ever to be here.
originally I was on vacation and on my way down to Florida.
But I cancelled that trip and am in Iowa.
Which is fine.
Paula will be there tonight so that will be quite lovely to have all four children together.

I was sick with the flu/and or food poisoning on Wednesday (I hesitate to say food poisoning simply because I wasn’t horribly vomiting sick)

I think it was the Chinese food I ate for supper Tuesday night.
I was sick all night and all day on Wednesday.
Yesterday was better but I still didn’t feel great especially if I got up and did much.
Today I feel fine.
Just no ambition to work.


I need to get some groceries after work and then go home and shower, let our dog out and do a few things around the apartment before heading to Wilton.

hopefully everyone will be in great moods and it will be a good time.


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Christmas   1 comment

it really hardly feels like Christmas this year.
no snow on the ground and we aren’t even celebrating till the 26th, but that isn’t even the reason.

Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas because my children are all grown with families of their own and they are busy and doing their own things.

I haven’t felt like Christmas is Christmas since they all moved out.
And since Rick’s parents died.
When they were alive we would have them over for dinner every Christmas day.
But that hasn’t happened in 8 years.

I love Christmas
I love being with my family and seeing them all happy.
But it isn’t the kind of Christmas I remember as a child or when my kids were little.

Sad in a way………..



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here in the real world   3 comments

so I just read my sister’s blog.

and she wrote about things she wants.

things that she doesn’t think is asking too much for, and seem like basic necessities of life.

I often think of the same things she said

that life is not moving forward in the direction we want it to.

I don’t  feel like I ask for much either.

I would love my children and grandchildren to spend more time together with my husband and myself.

to be happy with themselves and each other.

I often think I would like another house one day, but in all honesty where we live is just fine.

I hate my job, but I know it is good for me to work because it is exercise and I need that in my life.

more of it actually.

I would love to be thinner, but that is a work in progress.

I would love to be debt free, but that too is a work in progress.

I know I need more hobbies and things to occupy myself.

I need to worship with my Lord more.

I ache and really wish that it would be possible for people to stop being so ugly and hateful in this world and that we could all live in peace.

no more wars, and or killing.

I wish I could obliterate child abuse in every form there is.

but if I could have one thing that would make me the happiest it is to know that my grandchildren will all grow up to live healthy happy lives.

do I ask for too much?


I really don’t think so………..

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alrighty then   Leave a comment

so I re-read my thinking out loud blog of two days go.

I have to say I must have been quite down that day.

today I am upbeat and happy.

I realize every person goes through the blahs, or a bit of depression.

I hate when I get like that.

down and blue


but that was Monday and today is Wednesday and all is right in my world.



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my better half   Leave a comment

so since my husband had the audacity to tell my eldest sister Carolyn, that he does whatever makes me happy, I decided it was time he got on Facebook and connected with other people

in all honesty I have been trying to get him to do it for a few years now

but I bought him a mini ipad and told him last night.

“since you say you will do anything for me, it is time you got on Facebook”

so he did.

and while it is all new to him, I feel it is time he got with the rest of the world and learned exactly what the world wide web has to offer.

so we started with Facebook.



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