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how often do you pray?
I pray every day, sometimes more than once  a day
I am so thankful for all my blessings  and must tell God how thankful I am

My children and grandchildren are all gifts from God.
I am a lucky woman.


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“what would you do if I sang you a tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ear and I will sing you a song, and I will try not to sing out of key

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends, oh I get high with a little help from my friends………”

this song just popped into my head as I was working.
Not sure why.

I’m in a funny mood today.

I miss my eldest child and hope and pray she is doing well.

I really wish I could just hug her and tell her I love her
Or just sit in a corner and watch her come visit her siblings and have her not know I am there.

I sometimes miss my old friend Steve.
I haven’t talked to him in over a month, and once in a great while I miss talking to him.
But for the most part, a few hours of having him in my life, even as someone to talk to, turns me off to him once again and I as always remember why I need to distance myself from him.

He is self-absorbed, full of himself, thinks he is always right and he is a liar.
And therefore I need to keep reminding myself, to stay away from him.

I don’t have a lot of friends, basically because they want too much of me and I don’t need a lot of people to make my world complete.
Maybe I just shut myself off, I don’t know?
I do know I have friends here at work that are just that, work friends.
And I have a couple of sisters I consider good friends.

but for the most part I don’t have a really good friend.
Steve use to be, but he isn’t anymore.
He demands too much and wants too much and I’m not comfortable with that.

still once in a while I wonder is it just me?
Am I un-lovable as a friend?
do I not put myself out there enough?

I know people who have tons of friends, or at least they say they do?
Maybe their idea of a friend and mine are two different things.
I don’t ever consider a person my friend, an honest to God true friend,  unless I find/feel  some strong attachment to them.

and that just doesn’t happen to me very often…..



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IF someone handed me a few million dollars, what would I do with it?

If someone I once loved came to me and said, “I’ve decided you are all I want and need”   what would I say to him?

If  I was told I had six months to live, what would I do with that time left here on earth?

If I had the chance to embrace her and hold her and tell her I love her so very much, would I do it?

If someone gave me a few million dollars, I would help everyone I loved get out of dept.
Help those that wanted to have a house, I would help them buy it.
I would own a place near the ocean and another one near the mountains.
I would give to the needy, and definitely to research to find a cure for cancer.

 If that someone told me that he suddenly realized I was where he wanted and needed to be, I would have to say to him, “I’m sorry but it is too late”

If I was told I had six months to live, I would spend every last-minute of it with my children and grandchildren and tell them over and over how very special they all are to me.

and If I ever get the chance to hold my eldest daughter and tell her I love her so very much and I miss her very much,  you can bet, I would do that in a heartbeat.

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Blue Moon   Leave a comment

in the afterglow, my moon is blue

and I often wonder, did I ever really know you?

your pretty little lies, I was such a fool

and in the afterglow, my moon is blue

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Since I talked about Brad’s new CD I must talk about Billy’s as well.
I love Billy Currington’s new CD

it is fun to sing along to and the songs are fun as well.
I love his new song “Love Done Gone”

and of course his song “Let Me Down Easy” is on this CD as well

my favorite song to date is “Somewhere with You” by Kenny Chesney and I have his new CD as well, but I don’t like it all that much except this song of course.

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Brad Paisley’s new CD   1 comment

over the weekend I bought Brad Paisley’s new CD.
The man is gifted, I will give him that.
he writes amazingly good songs.

I have only listened to the CD once, in my car to and from work and my favorite song so far is “A New Memory”

some of the songs are quite catchy and some are down to earth and honest.
I also like “Be the Lake”

which with Brad’s sense of humor you will have to think of the song “Ticks” to understand what I mean about this song.

I think I am going to like it over all.
He sings one with Carrie Underwood, called “Remind Me’ and while it is pretty she pretty much sings like she is screaming in the end and I don’t care for that at all.
Go ahead and say it, I’m getting old, I know that.
I don’t like screaming when a person is supposed to be singing.
just one of my many quirks.

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Should I or shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

My husband gave me permission yesterday to get a dog.
I have my eye on a Saint Bernard on Craigslist.
And while in many ways I would love to have a dog….I also think of all the responsibility that goes with one.
Walking him, (even though we have a big yard), worrying about fleas and the mud he would drag in.
Feeding him, and cleaning up his dog droppings every day in the yard so the grandchildren wouldn’t be stepping in it when they went out to play…..

dog hair every where, on my clothes, on the furniture……

what if we wanted to go on vacation?
Who would take him?
Decisions, decisions……
What to do?

He would definitely be an inside dog, because I wouldn’t want one if I couldn’t have him inside.

so should I or shouldn’t I?
That is the question of the day……….

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fun day   Leave a comment

the kids were here with their kids and we cooked out and swam in the pool.
It was quite enjoyable and fun.
Finally the weather is warm enough to use the pool.
I was beginning to wonder if it would ever get warm enough.

It was a great three-day weekend.

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three day weekend going way too fast   Leave a comment

here it is Sunday evening already.
Where did yesterday and today go?
Hard to believe I have been off of work two days already

Tomorrow is Memorial Day

we are having the kids over for a picnic and swimming if it gets warm enough for us to swim.

Wouldn’t it be cool to never have to work again, but of course they would still pay me my wage.
Keep dreaming I know.

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Okay Mother Nature, this is insane!!!   Leave a comment

All week long we get full sunny skies and a nice breeze and the weekends are cloudy and dreary.
What the hell is up with that?
I hate these cloudy weekends
My tan is fading very fast and I hate that too.


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