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we won’t have internet for about twenty four hours here later today so I won’t be back online until late tomorrow.
Not thrilled about not having internet access but ….these things take time and while I will try to be patient I know I will think it is taking too long.
At any rate if you don’t hear from me that is why.

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burr…that is my thoughts for the day
It is quite chilly out there and according to the weather man it is suppose to get much colder by the end of the week.
not even hitting the thirties on Thursday and Friday.

Yes I know December is officially here tomorrow but jesh…I’m not sure I am ready for it.
Not that I have a choice but…..still I’m not ready for it to be that cold.

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It is Monday again and while I usually hate them I don’t mind this one because I am on vacation and not at work.
So…how great is that?
I am about ready to go find my husband and see what we can get moved to the storage shed today.
And then take my cat to my sister here in a few hours.

Hope everyone has a great Monday

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I got up with my girls so their parents could sleep in.
Kayla was up at a few minutes before seven am and Keira got up about twenty minutes ago.
both have eaten breakfast and now are watching cartoons
Kayla wants to help me type and is in here trying to hit the keys on the keyboard every few minutes….but I turn her away or let her sit on my lap while I type one-handed, as I am doing now.
I realized this morning as I was feeding Kayla and having one on one time with her that I will get use to having them in my life every day only to lose them when their parents have enough money saved to move away.
That will be hard for me.
Already in the three days I have been here I am thriving so much on being with them so much
They both truly are extremely precious gifts from God.
I thank Him daily for them.
I am truly a blessed woman.

On a different note I am all but moved with the exception of putting unused furniture in storage and bringing clothes in my closet over to this house and put them in my closet here.
I do need to clean that place too, once everything is out of it.

AND My sister is taking my cat!
I am so thrilled.
I hated the thought of taking her to a shelter if I couldn’t find a home for her.
But my sis is going to take her.
Thank you Kathy!!!

Well I hope everyone has a great Sunday and you are all happy and healthy.
Love Marge

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although I am still in the process of moving, I am sleeping at the new address so I guess that makes it official right?
I’m eating here, sleeping here and showering here so that pretty much makes it that I’m here.
I have tons of stuff yet to move, plants, boxes of books, clothes and assorted stuff, but…..for the most part I’m here.
And I have a month yet to get out of the other house.
I do have nine more days of vacation left before I go back to work so I can only imagine that I will get all the moving done in that time or shortly after that.

So while the bulk is done, there is still stuff to do.

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how I hate this job.
Literally hate the whole idea of it.
Can’t even say we are half way done although the main pieces of furniture we are taking is slowly getting over there.
I am pushing my husband one hundred and ten percent of the way.
He wants to wait, and I say “we have nine days left of vacation and you want to sit and wait for the time to pass and then move when we have to go back to work?”
How insane is that?
or is it just me?
I say let’s get moved while we have the time off of work.
So I am pushing him every bit of the way and he isn’t liking it.

anyway….I’m tired and tired of the whole mess, but it isn’t like some magic wand is going to be waved and we are suddenly all in there and everything is neat as a pen.

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my oldest grand-daughter sat last night and read to me.
She was a bit uncomfortable because she said she doesn’t like to read in front of people but she did great!!!
So fun to watch and see her learning the way she has.
I have very smart grand daughters.
of course I’m sure every one thinks that about their grand children.
But I am truly blessed with the three and a half (can’t forget my peanut being born in May) grand children.
Thank you Lord

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