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Thank God For Small Favors~   Leave a comment

Northern Iowa is getting buried in snow.

Inches of snow.

I am so glad it is them and not us.

My daughter was going to come down from Wisconsin but since Northern Iowa is getting so much snow and she is as well getting snow….that it was safer to wait and come next weekend.

God willing the weather will be more decent then.

I thank the Lord daily for all of my blessings and while the weather or lack of snow, isn’t really a blessing, it is a nice thing to not have to deal with.

The Lord is Good and I am grateful for all I have.

And grateful for not having inches of snow to deal with this weekend.




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Life~   Leave a comment

I am not quite sure it has hit me yet that I am unemployed.

I miss it, I won’t lie.

But I like not having to work too.

I miss the tenants and the staff.

I will have to go and visit one of these days.


I didn’t have grandchildren today which is always nice to have a break.

I cleaned the house and did laundry which is nice to have done.


It is cooler today which I am not happy about.

I like the low seventies.

It makes me happy and it makes me smile.

This being in the forties at night is not good for my flowers.

Several are dying.

It took forever to get to sixty today.

Still rather cool out there.

stella de oro daylily



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Life today-   Leave a comment

I am officially unemployed

I can’t say it has honestly hit me yet

Everything I did yesterday was the last time for doing it and even knowing it was the last time, I’m not quite sure it has registered yet……

I watched the first episode of season 8 of Game of Thrones last night

I was a bit disappointed but hopefully it will pick up

With only 5 more episodes to go before it is done I would think that they would move things along a bit faster ……..

Laundry is almost done for another week,  and I am sitting here writing this on my phone as I am rocking my 8 month old grand daughter so she can sleep

Her sister Bailey is playing here in the living room with her dolls and play house

My sister calls this my first day of freedom and I suppose it is

It really just feels like a day off to me……

Sure wish we could get out of the 40’s and 50’s so we could be out side



I’m usually counting down the days till I am flying to Florida for a week over my birthday

Not going to happen this year which makes me a bit sad

But maybe next year…..



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Cold Weather and The Job-   Leave a comment

After bragging about the wonderful weather we had last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it has been miserably cold since then.

So cold that the heat is back on and I worry my flowers are going to die 

Hate it

I don’t want summer but 75 or so would be great 

Unfortunately mother nature refuses to let go of winter

Hopefully in a week or two things will start warming up

stella de oro daylily

in other news, tomorrow is my last day at this job

My boss and I have never been a good fit and I get into trouble for things I don’t do

So it is time to exit the job

I am going to take the summer off and watch my grand children who are 8, 4 and almost 9 months and then find something to do in the fall 

So in 28 and a half hours I will be jobless 

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Wonderful Weather~   Leave a comment

The good Lord sure is shining down on Iowa these last few days.

Yesterday it was in the low seventies and today in the high sixties.

I just love this weather.


I got all of my yard work done.

It is so gratifying to me to do my yard work and see my plants and flowers grow.

It brings me a calm and makes me very happy to work in my flower beds and my yard.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like it warmer than 85.

75 degrees is perfect weather to me with full sunshine.

I just love this time of year.


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Dog Sitting   Leave a comment

I am at my daughter’s watching her dogs

Tonight is the first night

The dogs are fed and now they are lazy,  like me

My weekend has begun


heart hands

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It Boggles The Mind~   Leave a comment

I have just had the last two days off.  I find it hard to believe that it is already time for me to go back to work.

It is painful to think I work the next four nights.

Yeah I know, I use to work five days in a row, but that was then and this is now and I don’t like the idea of working the next four nights.


I swear all I do is work.

And then my daughter asked me to stay at her place and dog sit this weekend.

No I don’t have to be there twenty four seven, but it still kind of cuts into my weekend.

I will stay over night there Friday and Saturday night.

It isn’t hard work to dog sit, not at all…….it just takes away from what I had planned for my weekend.


Emily's dogs

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