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we have been very blessed here in Iowa this past week

the weather is exceptional.

Today and tomorrow are in the 80’s but the rest of the week was in the 70’s



makes a person smile with weather like this.


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I have had this headache off and on for over twenty four hours.


hurts behind my eyes and across my forehead.

I assume it is a migraine

I sure do wish it would leave for good


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here it is   Leave a comment

My favorite day of the week is finally here!
I so love Friday’s!

On another note my daughter arrived safely back to Portland

Thank the Lord.

I was worried about her traveling alone but she was very comfortable with it so I had to trust in the Lord to see her safely home.


Will get my two youngest grand daughters over night tonight.
Maybe I will see if Mirielle wants to stay too…….

guess it depends on how well they get along before bedtime.


No great plans for the weekend other than the usual cleaning, laundry and what not.
Might hit up a movie but will have to see what is playing first.


Thank God for Friday!


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oh yes I did   Leave a comment

I went back to Borlaug today to show the new custodian, the one who took my spot around so he could get himself orientated with the school

I knew this already but going there and then coming back to Longfellow I realized I gave up a gravy job at Borlaug

True I was bored and sick of working with some of the people I had to work with…….

but I’m at Longfellow because I want to be, because I needed a new challenge

and yes I have it now

only problem is I ache all over every day when I leave Longfellow

it will be better once I have a week or so when no one is there but me and I can really clean the place

but yes I did, I gave up a gravy job…….

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Paula is back and the boys were here with their wives and children
Paula is here till Saturday morning
Hopefully Emily will get to see her on Saturday morning before Paula leaves
it is a rarity anymore when all four of my children are all here together.

And it isn’t going to happen this time ……

Love family time

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too freaking hot!   Leave a comment

I got in my car this afternoon and the thermostat read 106
that is too freaking hot
I drove home with the air conditioning on and the car thermostat never got lower than 100
it is miserable out
hate this crap!

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Paula, heat and sinus headache   Leave a comment

My oldest daughter Paula is coming back this week.  She is borrowing a car of ours and taking it back to Portland after she goes and picks up her dog and cat in Wisconsin.
I would love to tag along and ride back with her, but unfortunately since I switched schools, I don’t feel like I can put in for a week’s vacation.  It just wouldn’t be fair to my co workers


The heat is coming back
I dread it.
Ugh, just makes me ill and I want to hibernate and not even go outside in this heat and humidity

not like I have a choice though


and I’ve been suffering with a sinus headache for the last twenty-four hours or so.


maybe it’s just the thought of the heat that is making me feel ill


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weary   Leave a comment

had a good day at work at my new school
I’m tired and very weary but it was a good day
I worked hard, harder than I ever did at Borlaug on a day when the kids were in school, but it felt good and I am feeling a good tired.

it was an exceptional beautiful day
78 degrees

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grandchildren today   Leave a comment

I had three of my four grandchildren today
It went pretty well
Kayla the four year old had quite a few melt downs so I made her take a nap
Aaron was the best by far and Keira the seven year old got mouthy a couple of times
but now that they are gone, and as I reflect back, they weren’t that bad.

I hate when Kayla has melt downs but the nap seemed to help that for the most part.
she gets upset when she can’t do something but she has no patience when I try and tell her what she needs to do.

It was exhausting but now that they are gone as I said, it wasn’t that bad.

They are all coming back tomorrow so we can have dinner together in honor of Labor Day but their parents will be here so that will be a bit easier.

Love my grandchildren so very much but as I get older I enjoy the quiet time as well.

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