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we got a lot of moving done yesterday
Today is a day of rest and I’m putting some things in boxes and doing very little in the way of over exerting myself.

Yesterday after we got done moving a lot of things, the men, Adam, Brian, Matt and Rick began drinking
this lasted till almost two am!
I feel rough today and I wasn’t drinking a bit.
Just the staying up late and lack of sleep

Matt and Brian and Rick seem fine today but Adam is sick.
Not sure if it is a hangover sick OR just drinking with his Crones disease.
but hopefully he will be up for coming over for a grill out later
Supposed to be almost 70


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I have to say lm feeling really good about the progress l am making with getting ready to move

I’m almost done with the upstairs and attic

Maybe 2-3  more hours up there

I am amazed at how much stuff l have accumulated over the years

I will be thrilled when the move is done so l can get our new place in order

I know all in good time



A month from now l will be here again

Can’t wait


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I pulled a muscle in my back when I was lifting heavy boxes from upstairs to downstairs in our house.
Talk about hurt.
Now it is radiating to my chest and all I can say is
This getting old is for the birds!


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loving it   1 comment

The weather is finally supposed to turn warmer and hopefully stay that way

I’m making good progress on getting things packed up to move

AND  l bought  myself a new Nook HD that is wonderful!

Only $175  which is over $100 cheaper than a mini l pad or kindle

I also get to see all four grandchildren later which will be great too



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if money were no object what would you do?   Leave a comment

If money were no problem

In other words if you had all the money in the world what would you do?

Who would you become?


I would be a world traveler

I would give millions to cancer research

I would give millions to do something about the homeless, the unwanted

I would open hundreds of safe havens around the country for those who had no place to go

I would buy my own airplane and learn to fly it

I would have homes in the mountains, and beachfront property somewhere


So I ask you, what would you do if money was no object?


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as I am going through my house, getting rid of this and that I am quite amazed that I have so much junk.
Good Lord it seems never-ending.

I have pictures from when my kids were little that I just can not throw away.

dozens of pictures of the same picture that I just can not get rid of.

I know, I am weird in that regard.

I have so much to do and I have to tell you I really have no desire to do it.

but I will force myself to do it because in  five weeks we will be moving AND I have a house to clean well before we move.

seems almost like a long time from now but….

the worse part is I have no place to put anything.
I wanted to rent a pod to store stuff but my husband vetoed it.

darn it.

sure would have made my life simpler

oh well…….onward and upward right?



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I went to have lunch with Keira today, my seven-year old grand-daughter

I actually bought her subway and she ate there at school while we sat and talked.

Then Aaron was here for a bit today too.
He has pink eye in both of his eyes and he is a bit grumpy.
But over all a happy boy.


Love my grandchildren so very much




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