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Just because

Here I am, sitting here at work with no desire to be here.
But what else is new?
I always feel this way.
There are things to do but my back is giving me fits today, so I don’t think I will be doing much, just trying to rest the back.

Nothing new in my life, all my loved ones are healthy and happy.
I am one day closer to Friday which is great too.

Life can be pretty ho- hum at times but I really have no reason to complain other than I am bored with the job. Or maybe I am just lazy.

not too crazy about the white

so I once again changed my blog theme.
I’m not too crazy about the white, but I needed a change.

something to brighten it all up.

hopefully it will work.



I could go on and on with that title.
I am having a blah day.
Everything is blah.
my job, my life, my spirit.
I just would like to hibernate for the next week or so.
Sad to say but true.
Maybe I am a bit depressed, I don’t know, all I do know is my day has been blah.

I am a fortune woman and I know this.
I have five beautiful grandchildren and four wonderful children and my husband.
I have nothing to complain about.
Still I am feeling blah.

or bored…..or both.

I am trying to diet and that makes me feel blah as well…..

but life will go on.
Tomorrow the sun will rise and another day will begin

God willing it won’t be blah………..

buttercup 2

Grandchildren weekend again

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and my weekend was filled with grandchildren.
I just now came home without one.
I love them dearly I really do, but the peace and quiet is wonderful as well.

Hate that tomorrow is Monday but the weekend has been so beautiful and while I don’t really want to go to work tomorrow, I have no reason to stay home either.
And I need money for my bills.

so…………back to work it is.

Monday blahs

I’ve been thinking

so lately I have been thinking of that early retirement thing.
in order to do that I would need to become almost debt free

well Lord knows I am very far from that and it will probably take me more than twenty months to accomplish that feat.
Even if we don’t buy another house, I can see it taking a while.

so while I am thinking a long these lines I am thinking I need to stop taking vacations and get out of debt, NOT add more debt to my credit cards to take vacation.

this may be hard for me to do as anyone who knows me knows I love to go on vacations.

however…… order to become debt free I should stop taking vacations if I can’t pay for them in cash.



Christmas shopping

so the last few days I have been Christmas shopping.
Mostly on-line but I did buy my grandson a race track at Hobby Lobby and Keira’s present I bought months ago.

The only grandchild I have left to buy for is Mirielle and I will probably just give her money since I don’t know what she would like or want or need.
I have asked her to give me some ideas but she wants expensive stuff that I just can’t afford to buy.

I try to keep the price of things as even as possible.
Right now Aaron’s present is the most, but that is just how it will be this year.

the grand daughter’s don’t need to know that his was more expensive.

at any rate, my husband is buying for our sons, although I will probably give them some money too………

or not…..I’m not sure yet

and I just give my daughter’s and daughter in laws money as well.

I have two birthday’s in November and I am happy to say their present’s are bought as well.

I don’t think we sisters are going to buy for each other this year so that is one less thing to have to do.


No Hawaii

We will not be going to Hawaii in March next year afterall.

We were going to go with my husbands sister and her husband.

However her husband has a really bad heart and his doctor advised against the trip.

I’m not sad about it, simply because Hawaii isn’t one of my top places to visit.

Yes I would like to see it one day, but if I don’t that is okay too.


So my next big vacation will either be to Alaska


Or back to Montana and Wyoming

alberta canada pic

I’m having myself a three day weekend this weekend.

For no other reason than the kids don’t have school on Monday so I decided to take a vacation day.

Its like a little present to myself


daytona beach

Now if only I could wake up tomorrow morning to this……..

Maybe soon


no one blogs any more

I realize I have cut way back on blogging myself, but no one I read blogs anymore.

My sister Kathy does, not every day, but at least she does every now and then.

I know people can’t be that busy.

I guess people don’t feel like they have anything to say and or they have found other ways to express their writing…..


I really do miss my Utah

just in case you are wondering

the header on this blog is from Glen Canyons in Utah.
I took this picture.
And so I get to look at this wonderful place every time I log in.
And you get to enjoy it too





these pictures really can’t do it justice

It is a beautiful place