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now that I have made plans to have the gathering I am excited for Christmas to get here.
I haven’t put up the tree yet, but I think I will this weekend.
just seems like with us leaving for Florida on the morning of Christmas there was no point to it, but I have changed my mind.
there is always a point to bringing laughter and good feelings into the home.


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holiday gathering   Leave a comment

well I suppose I need to figure out what everyone is doing and plan a little holiday gathering since none of my other sisters will probably do it.

annoys me, but it is true none the less.
I just had Thanksgiving so it would be nice if one of the others had something so we could see each other before Christmas.
Unfortunately none of them probably will.

We could meet at a restaurant or something and not necessarily in someone’s home, but again someone else would have to grab the ball and plan it, and I doubt anyone will.
So that leaves me to do it.

one would think, since we just lost our sister Linda, that people would put forth more of an effort, but I guess not.
If I don’t do it, then it won’t get done.


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Always in my heart   Leave a comment

seven weeks have come and gone since you left us

no matter what I am doing on Monday evenings for some reason I look at the clock at seven-thirty and think of the last time I saw you, as we all spent time with you before you left this world.
Every Tuesday morning I wake up and think,…..another week has gone.
Linda has been gone for seven weeks now.
Hard to believe.

I think of you often and miss you dearly

and still I live with the regret of not getting to spend more time with you.

(not taking the time, like I should have)

I love and miss you Linda.

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wouldn’t it be cool   Leave a comment

wouldn’t it be cool, to be this close to a volcano to see the beauty that this picture displays?

wouldn’t it be cool to fly like a bird and get the spectacular view they get?

wouldn’t it be cool to have the guts and ambition to be on top of this mountain and looking out across the vast beautiful view  of what this man is seeing?

wouldn’t it be cool to have an endless amount of money to be on vacation forever……..and never have to work again……..


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She   Leave a comment

like a wisp of something that once was

she holds a special place in my heart

she prefers a life that excludes me

it hurts me that we are so far apart.

she is beautiful and intelligent

a far cry from what I am

she gets those brains from her father

and her looks are more like her mother

I miss her and love her and wish things were different

but she doesn’t feel the same towards me

still she lives in my heart and there are endless miles between us

but because I love her I can let this be the way it must be

the way she prefers us to be……..

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it’s getting colder every day…….winter is threatening to bombard my world

in less than four weeks I will be standing here, observing this scene once more

I love Florida, mainly because it is everything Iowa isn’t.
Warm and sand and the beautiful ocean

it is a relaxing place to be, and my husband probably loves it more than I do.

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blowing in the wind   Leave a comment

red is the color of love

I wear it with pride every day

I feel, I seek, I search, I find, the ones that bring me  close to feeling this way

I love to love

I hate to hate

I love those that come from the red of my blood

I love those that share the same mother as I do

and I love those that they love as well

life is fleeting

it will be gone before we know it

so reach out and hug and hold and kiss those you love

Tell them you love them, and don’t be afraid to show it.

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the eyes know   Leave a comment

look at me, what do you see

look at you, a stranger to me

look at us, working on holding it together

look at them, laughing at us all the way

look at me, wondering if you really see me

look at you, wondering why I won’t stay

look at us, both wanting and needing each other

look at them, laughing  all the way

look at me, wishing you would see me clearly

look at you, struggling to keep me near

look at us, neither one knowing what else to say

look at them, watching us walk away

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