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say it isn’t so   Leave a comment

according to the weather channel we are supposed to be getting a lot of rain this week

I sure wish that wasn’t true

I was hoping for a lot of sunshiny days

darn it

right now it is almost muddy out there in places inΒ  my back yard.

we had a full weekend of rain rain rain.



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first day of vacation   Leave a comment

first day of vacation and I am sick.
have a sore throat and feel like my ears are plugged up

if I keep taking Tylenol I feel decent as long as I don’t get up and move around.

if I let the Tylenol go longer than four hours and not take it, then I really start feeling like crap again.

it seems unfair to be sick on vacation.


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seriously, really?   3 comments

I am tired today due to getting to bed later than usual

last night when I got home from a retirement party Max was sitting on my lap while I was on the computer and all of a sudden he bites my boob on the right side
It hurt like hell!
I smacked his mouth and told him no and now he acts like he is afraid of me, but damn it hurt!
My husband thumps him on the nose when he bites him, and Max rarely bites him.
I try that and Max thinks I am playing.
And while I know he is a puppy and puppies like to chew on things, certain parts of my body are not chew toys.

I can almost see and understand him biting my fingers and hands, and then I will find him a chew toy and he will get interested in that.

but last night was painful

and not allowed.

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contemplating   1 comment

still contemplating weather or not we should refinance our home.

in a way it seems silly to do so, since it will be paid off in 9 years but on the other hand with my husband retiring and bring home a thousand less each month (the house payment basically) it seems like the smart thing to do.

and in the process I could pay off credit cards faster with a lower house payment??

I don’t know.

still contemplating it all.
And my husband is leaving it up to me.


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aches and pains today   Leave a comment

I hurt my back twice yesterday here at work and have already re-hurt it again today

this getting old really stinks.

hurts to walk today and my hips and knees hurt as well.



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God and family   Leave a comment

I could do without the aches and pains but honestly I like growing older.

with it comes wisdom and certainty of what life is all about.
which is God and family


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The heart   Leave a comment

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he will always be, my heart-throb

my sisters and I were talking about the sexiest movie stars and not one of them agree with me, that Brad is the top honor in that category

he isn’t my favorite actor, although he is a good actor, but there is just something about him that screams sexy

he isn’t even the best looking actor out there, but for me he is just “it”
Maybe it is because he is similar to my beloved Robert Redford.
not sure.
I just know I love Brad and to me, he is the sexiest man out there

and while I am two almost three years older than he is and honestly am not in love with the man and have no lustful feelings for him, I just think he is sexy all the way around.

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next year   Leave a comment

my birthday is next week and we aren’t doing a thing for it.
I wanted to go back to my beloved Utah and over to the Grand Canyon, but at this time we really can’t afford it, so we aren’t going.
I told my husband next year we are going west for my birthday.
Next year we will drive through Colorado and Utah and Nevada to get to Arizona and visit the canyons along the way and then head back through New Mexico and Texas.
I so wish I could go this year, but unless I hit a windfall between now and this Friday, my ten days of vacation will be spent at home.
But next year……….


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sister Saturday   Leave a comment

I drove all of us girls down to my youngest sisters this last Saturday.
it is a two and a half hour drive with many stops in between for bathroom breaks.

We got to Wanda’s (last one on the right) at noon and stayed till almost five pm.

it was enjoyable as always.
She has a lovely home
She made Lasagna which was good and the visiting was great .


my eldest sister Carolyn (the one in the middle) is suffering from arthritis or something that is crippling her.
She was walking with a cane and looked to be ten years older than she was the last time I saw her.

she is in immense pain.

I feel badly for her

Kathy, (the one on the left end) hadn’t slept because she worked the night before so by the time she got back home she was up for more than 24 hours.

I felt badly for her.
I would have been in crying mode by then, if I were up for that long.
Everything is magnified 100 times for me when I am tired and I don’t cope well.

Cyndi (second from the end on the right) is so funny and she said her eldest son told her that she should just quit talking because nothing she says comes out right any more.
Ha ha.

Wait till he is our age I say.

not sure where we will meet next month.
it is probably my turn to host again since Kathy and Cyndi never do.

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