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ready to walk out the door   Leave a comment

ugh people piss me off.
A stupid woman here at work who has the title of being a nurse (quite scary to think about) told my boss that I am using glass cleaner on the lunch tables  and that he needed to set me straight on that.
I am not nor have I ever used glass cleaner on anything but glass.

So anyway my boss, the jerk, sent a message to me and every other custodian in the school district saying I am not to use glass cleaner on the lunch tables.
I was pissed.
Royally pissed.
I sent him an email setting him straight letting him know how pissed I was and to tell him I did not appreciate him letting every one else know about it.
Even if I am innocent which I am, it is no one’s business but mine and his about a problem I may or may not be having.

I was so ready to walk out the door today.
How dare he?

I will not speak to him again until he apologizes to me.
Sometimes I really hate people!


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I’m not liking it   Leave a comment

my one and only faithful reader and my one and only dedicated emailer (not a word I know!) is in classes this week in Davenport and I have to say I don’t like it.
I never get emails from her now during the day AND more importantly she doesn’t write on her blog so I have nothing to read.
My other siblings who do write blogs are writing so few and far between that it could be weeks or months before they write.
Quite disappointing and I’m not liking it!

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Christmas thinking…..   Leave a comment

I begun my Christmas shopping about a month ago.
Never do I ever start shopping this early but I saw a couple of things one day in a Walgreens and decided to buy them for my grand daughters.
So I have a couple little things for them
I am ordering a book for each one of them through a books are fun program here at my school.

I have an idea what to get my eldest son, okay one present at least.
I have ideas on what to get my daughter in laws and my younger son and my youngest daughter and her boyfriend….

no idea what to get my husband although he loves eating at Red Lobster so I could get a gift card there for him and he would love it.

my eldest child and her significant other will get nothing from me since I am suppose to pretend I no longer have a child named Paula.

I know Christmas in October????
But…it will be here before I know it.

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The mother to be   Leave a comment

my twenty year old daughter is almost 9 weeks pregnant and has just now started suffering with morning sickness.
only it is hitting her in the late evenings.
She said she threw up three times and then felt great.

I told her it was only the beginning of all the fun she was going to have.
I love sharing her pregnancy with her.
Simply because she is my one and only daughter who will ever be pregnant and unlike her older sister, she loves me and wants me to be a part of her life.
So I am thrilled to be able to help when I can

and just be there for her so she can have someone to lean on.

here is a picture of the parents to be.

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another day at work   Leave a comment

here I am again.
I feel like I live here.
And yes I know I have said that plenty of times before.
it is still true though.
I can only imagine that everyone feels that way a time or two.
Work is work and home is where the heart is.

My husband did most of the work but I had him dig up seven lilac bushes and two Rose of Sharon trees from our yard where we are living now and moving them over to the house we own where my son is living right now.

It was work and I think I wore him out but it is done.
I have a few more hostas I want to move back over to the other yard and then that is done.

I honestly can’t wait to move and wish we were moving now.

but alas all things come to those who wait right?
And in seven months or so we will be moving.
I need to save money but with Christmas coming……that seems almost next to impossible to do.

Any way happy Thursday every one!

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if only I could have all the answers   Leave a comment

my children I love them all so very much.
I know I wasn’t  the world’s greatest mother and I have one child who wants nothing to do with me because of something I have said or done in the past that has offended her.
I have no idea what it is and she isn’t telling me.
However….if I had all the answers and could be the perfect parent, don’t you think I would be?
Don’t you think I would turn back the clock and do it better?
Do it right?
I am only human, a woman with many flaws and I am very imperfect.
If I could do it all over again and never make a mistake believe me I would.

I think I am a very loving mother, very sympathetic to my children and their needs.
I think I am a good listener and I do believe I have lived long enough that I know a thing or two about life and love.

do I know all the answers?
hell no and I never will but I do know what it takes to make someone happy and what it is to love someone.

I know what it is like to hurt to ache and to heal.

I do the best I can and yes I have made mistakes and YES I  will make more as I go along.
I will never pretend to know it all nor will I ever boast and say “this must be done my way!”

I am not a person who seeks attention.
Fact is, the more attention brought to me, the more I want to crawl into a hole and hide.

All I want is to be a good mother, someone my children know they can turn to if needed.
I want to be a good wife and above all else I want to be a good daughter to my Lord.

If I had all the answers I would be the richest person in the world because everyone would want to get advice from me.
But I am not the one with all the answers.
I can only offer advice on what I know.
Which is very little.
but I have a heart and soul and I can think, feel and be compassionate.

I’m not perfect but I am not the bad guy either.

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