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So Damn Tired~   Leave a comment

Ugh. I feel like I can never get enough sleep.

I tried sleeping last night before going to work but slept badly.
Went to bed at six fifteen after getting off at six and slept till ten.

I got up, even though I felt like I could have slept the day away.

But I hate really hate sleeping on my day off.


I want to sleep now.


Just so damn tired of being tired.

Hate it.

Literally hate it.


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Pictures   Leave a comment

If this website hadn’t changed and prevented me from exposing my pictures of our time in Florida, I would share them here

But alas I can no longer do that

Florida is beautiful

The weather is 75 degrees with full sunshine

We walk wherever we go and sit on the beach just enjoying the natural beauty

Don’t think I have ever been here when the weather has been so perfect

Its been 3 years since we have been here

Just 3 years too long

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