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I have been watching HBO’S “The Outsider” which stars Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn

who was fantastically awesome in “Bloodline” on Netflix

If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it.

And “The Outsider” also stars Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

Who I think is a very under rated actor.

He does such a good job and he has stared in so many movies in small parts.

I watch “Ozark” too on Netflix and he does such a great job.

This guy really just can do it all and no one really gives him any credit.

He is like the guy next door.

Always there but never really stands out.

I recommend “The Outsider” too to anyone who is looking for something interesting to watch.


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Heading home   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter is on the mend and gets to go home today

Not even 48 hours after having brain surgery she gets to join the world again

It speaks volumes of how far medicine has come

We are so very fortunate to have a hospital so close with amazing doctors and nurses

We are blessed


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odd~   Leave a comment

I wrote a blog about friends last night at work and it is no where to be found on this blog.
how strange.
Where could it have gone to?

Boggles the mind how things get thrown in cyberspace and never find their way to whomever it was meant to go to.



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After having two exceptional days over the weekend, high fifties low sixties, they are predicting snow again.
Up to six inches.

And while I know we live in Iowa and it is only February 24th, I sure wish it wouldn’t snow.

And I know most people feel the same way.



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I have very few friends

I can count them on one hand

2 are work friends and one is someone I worked with 20 plus years ago and have been friends with off and on all these years

We don’t have a lot in common

She is married but has never had kids, or grandchildren

But it is nice to talk every now and then

A friend is hard to come by in my opinion

I have had friends who only want to talk about themselves and their problems and don’t really care if i have problems

That is not a friend in my book

I know people who say they have lots of friends and I can’t help but wonder what their definition of a friend is compared to mine?

Maybe I am too picky?


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The Incredible Joy Of Being Nana~   Leave a comment

I spent the majority of my day with my 18 month old grand daughter.
it was pure delight.
I haven’t seen her since Sunday and it was so very wonderful to have some time with her.

She is starting to talk more and she is so funny and smart.
She along with the other five bring me such joy.

Being Nana is one of the most wonderful things I have in my life.
They truly are my gifts from God.



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Since I Wrote Last~   Leave a comment

Well it has been four hours since I blogged last.

In that time, I showered, dyed my hair (Same color but it was very dull looking so I spruced it up with dying it)

Went to Iowa City to get some groceries, ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant and now I am home again, back in my pajamas, after taking some sleeping aide, in hopes that I can sleep the next seven or eight hours.

I need it.

I am tired.

No not as tired as I feel like I should be, but tired none the less.

I hope the sleeping aide works well.

In the last 48 hours I have gotten six hours of sleep

I need much more than that, hence the sleeping aide.

Have tonight and tomorrow night yet to work before I get a night off.


Wish me luck




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