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So my husband and I discussed it and I am going to try to work till mid September at least.

Of course this all hinges on weather or not my boss will approve the hours I can work

I made up a schedule for her on all the days I can work, and if she is agreeable I will keep working

If she isn’t then my last day will be April 26th


I just have too many bills going out to not have any income coming in, so hopefully my boss will agree to the schedule


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Independence, or Lack Of-   Leave a comment

So I have been telling my sister that I am still contilplating on weather or not I should try to work at least three days a week for the money

She told me to just be done working, and not question this gift from God.

I emailed her earlier and explained that not working means I am giving up my independence, at least some of it by not bringing in my own money.

That not having my own money means not being  foot loose and fancy free.

That my husband would never say no to my spending the money to get my hair cut, but if I said that I wanted to go to Colorado with my sisters, he could say no due to not having the money for it

Does that make sense?

Believe me I don’t want to work and I have a lot of plans for my grandson and grand daughter, but I do worry about being ‘limited’ on what I can or can’t do



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I wrote a blog last night, but I can’t find it now


I haven’t sleep well this week, and I only got four hours today, due to having grandchildren at my house all day

I refuse to spend my one day off this week sleeping, I do hope to nap for three hours or so

I actually could nap here at work but I am quite sure I would get fired if caught napping

So I won’t sleep



I really do love my bed tho…..

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Fortunate One-   Leave a comment


My youngest sister text me today about going in on buying an RV with her and her husband

I had to decline as I am working on saving money for a garage and paying off a few bills

I will be done working for the next six years at least because I am going to start watching my grandchildren

I told Wanda this and she said I am very blessed, which I already know to be true.

I am one of the very fortunate ones, my Gracious Heavenly Father has given me so many blessings

Everything I have ever asked God for, he has given me.

It wasn’t even a month ago that I asked “Lord, please help me find a way to stop working.  I don’t need millions I just want to not work ”

And not even four days later, my daughter told me her in-laws are moving out of state, so would I stop working and watch her children?


I of course said yes


So I am blessed by my Lord with my healthy children and grandchildren, my siblings are healthy and happy and my life is very good



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Skip A Rope   Leave a comment

I am sitting here at work trying not to fall asleep

I slept horribly today

The above title is to a Roger Miller song

It just popped into my head and has decided to stay for a while…..


Not sure why my boss has put me back to full time again, but she has

I need the money, especially if I am going to quit working here in the next couple of months

I need to eliminate a few bills

That means hunkering down and not spending money as well


Skip a rope….skip a rope……ahh listen to the children while they play……ain’t it kind of funny what the children say…..skip a rope…….


I wish I was home in bed…..

Skip a rope


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Counting Down-   Leave a comment

Well here it is 1:07 AM, and I am at work


I have done everything I need to do for the night, leaving me with just shy of six hours to fill

I will watch a bit of Netflix, but honestly that gets boring after a while….

I talked with my husband about working weekends after I start watching my grandkids full time, and he still thinks I should just quit all together

I know I have some time to decide…..

I love having money but I love having my weekends free too



three five

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A Children’s Story~   Leave a comment

Last week at work an idea came to me and I got paper and wrote it down immediately.

It is a child’s story aimed for a child of five to ten years of age.

I typed it all out on my computer this morning and I want to draw the pictures to it as well.

At first I thought of asking my son, or daughter in law to do it for me but I am first going to try and do it myself.

No I wouldn’t choose writing a child’s book as my new profession.

Ideally I would love to be a famous novelist and make a living that way, but we all know that will never happen.

So I will try this…..

It may prove to be nothing….

But it is fun to have the creative juices flowing again.




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