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wonderful rain   Leave a comment

we had some wonderful storms last night and over night and this morning.

we needed the rain so badly.
I am thrilled that we got as much as we did.

Now the sun is coming out to make it hot and humid.


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Thank God for Friday’s!   Leave a comment

how I love my Friday’s.
Love the idea of having the next two days off.
Of getting to sleep later than four fifteen in the morning.

No great plans for the weekend other than breakfast with my husband’s sister and her husband and  maybe taking our grand daughters to the movie “Brave” sometime this weekend.

of course there is the usual house cleaning and laundry as well.

but I am so looking forward to the time away from work.

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family time   Leave a comment

this next week I have my brother and his new wife and her kids, and his son and daughter coming to Iowa for a week.
My niece is also coming from California.
not that I will probably see a lot of any of them, but maybe there will be a gathering a time or two?
With the 4th of July on Wednesday we will have a big family reunion for that.

My youngest sister and her family will be coming for two days as well next week.

I hope everyone has a good time.

the heat is going to be bad, but …..guess that is how it is in summertime in Iowa.

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Philadelphia   Leave a comment

I got home from work yesterday afternoon and watched the second half of the movie “Philadelphia” with Tom Hanks. (the spelling of this city doesn’t look right to me, but the auto spell check isn’t saying I need to change it?????)
I had forgotten what a good movie that was and how exceptional Tom was in it.
and it makes a person think.  Or at least it does me…..

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joining a gym   Leave a comment

This coming Monday I am going to join a fitness gym.
I need help in getting in to shape and I need a buddy to work out with to keep me motivated.
Luckily my sister Kathy is willing to be that buddy.

I am so very tired of being over weight and disgustingly unhappy with how I look.
So hopefully I can get into better shape when I join the gym
I will keep you posted.

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wish there was a way   Leave a comment

I get the dumbest spam every single day on this blog.
Don’t get it.
I wish there was a way I could block it all completely so I didn’t have to go in every day and delete it all.

yes I am lazy


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Christmas   Leave a comment

I know, talking about Christmas in June is rather silly but my sister wrote a blog about it so it got me thinking……
Last year I started my Christmas shopping in July

I think I will do the same this year as it is easier to buy a present here and there then to buy  them all in December.

that means I literally have twelve paychecks before Christmas.

and with my husband retiring……and the penny-pinching will have begun, it just makes more sense to start now rather than later.

now I just need to figure out what to get everyone


My eldest child will be the hardest…..

the rest it is pretty much a done deal.
I already know what to get each and every one of them.


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