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Day Two-   Leave a comment

pexels-photo-125576.jpegSo today we get up and walk the mile to our favorite restaurant only to discover it had closed

Very depressing

So we went to a Waffle House, which I have to say has never been a favorite restaurant of mine.

But it was passable

We came back to our hotel, I sunbathed while my son and husband watched the jeep parade on the beach

We had our late lunch, early supper at two thirty and walked our second mile a few hours ago

Now dusk has fallen and it’s a bright full moon out over the ocean.




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Paradise it is-   Leave a comment

We are here in Daytona.

The good Lord saw it fitting for us to make this journey.

We have had dinner, got groceries and walked the beach

Now we are on our deck watching the hypnotic ocean

I so love the ocean


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Plans Change Again   Leave a comment

So I thought I would have tomorrow off and work Thursday just to have a girl trade with me

So I am off from April 26th through May 7th

That is a great feeling


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Ahh……….   1 comment

cropped-cropped-daytona-beach1.jpgWell I officially have five days until I am on vacation

Well four actually because I switched with a coworker so I will work tomorrow evening and she will work Friday for me.

Which is awesome

I need to see my grandkids too before we go

I miss them terribly when I go a week or more with out seeing them

I think the two, Keira and Kayla are outgrowing their need to be with me.

Which I hate

I adore them so much

And I need to see them before I fly out of state

Aaron and Bailey too.

Mirielle doesn’t really care but I think she and her mother are taking us to the airport early Saturday morning so I will see her then.

God willing we will fly there safely and have a great week and fly safely home again on May 6th.


And of course all my loved ones will be fine while we are gone

God willing



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A Pretty Day   Leave a comment

pretty rose


It wasn’t quite as warm as I would have liked, but it was a very pretty day

When the sun was out it was glorious, but the longer the day went the more clouds rolled in

I did get a very light sunburn on my face and arms, but nothing too bad


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Diet Mountain Dew and other things….   Leave a comment

So because I am back on third shift this week, I started drinking diet Mountain Dew for the caffeine

I am not crazy about it, but it is what it is.


I went back to the hospital again today and the doctor poked around in my wound again trying to loosen up the little pockets of blood clots in my back

It was painful but not as bad as last week

I have to go back again next week and she said it will be several more weeks before she can stitch me up and that will be the end of it.

Not what I wanted to hear, but I want it gone so…….

My husband and daughter have to change the bandage and repack it every other day.

Repacking it is quite painful as they have to stuff this medicated gauze inside my would and go about three inches.

It feels like I am being stabbed with a knife and they twist the knife, when they repack the wound.

Needless to say I hate it, but I want it better so……..

My blood sugars have been declining too.

The doctor said today that they may still run high with this infection but it was 355 last Thursday and only 204 this morning

So I am moving in the right direction 🙂


8 days and we will be in Florida for a week.

I am looking forward to that.

I was going to add something else but for the life of me I can’t remember it now




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Six Hours   Leave a comment


I  got six hours of sleep today, which doesn’t feel like enough.

It is my own fault as I got off of work at two this morning and went to bed but set my alarm so I could go see my grand daughters before school

I got home at nine thirty and slept till twelve thirty

I did try to sleep tonight but to no avail

I have to be up by 12:45 tomorrow to bathe and be at the hospital by two


Sure hope I can sleep tomorrow evening before work….


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Coldest April On Record?   Leave a comment

I could be wrong but I bet before it is all said and done, that the weather men will say that this month is the coldest by far of any other year.

Tomorrow (okay today since it is 12:11 AM). It is supposed to snow………AGAIN!

It is crazy how this weather is, and it makes me wonder if we are going to have a cool summer

I remember several years ago we only got to 90 twice all summer and the majority of the summer was high seventies.

Well anyone who knows me, knows I think 75 degrees is perfect weather, so it would be awesome to me if we had a cooler summer



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Not That I am counting   Leave a comment

airplanethree five

So in ten days, my husband, eldest son and I will be flying to Florida for a week

I am looking forward to it

The doctor told me due to the wound on my back, that I won’t be able to swim, which is kind of a disappointment , but it is what it is.

I can wade in the water.




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Work Saga-   Leave a comment

So once again my work schedule has changed

I was supposed to work 11-7 AM, but my boss called me this morning and asked me to work 6PM to 2 AM.

I told her I could work till 7 AM, like I was supposed to, but she said no, I needed to just work the eight hours.

I am supposed to work 11- 7 AM the next three nights after tonight, but since my boss fired a girl, I can see my schedule changing yet again.


ocean waves


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