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3 weeks and 3 days   Leave a comment

In 3 weeks and 3 days I will be almost to Florida

I can’t wait.

I need a vacation.

Yes I went on one in February but that was months ago and since this is going to be my last vacation for quite a while I am looking forward to it immensely.

Can’t wait for sunshine and ocean waves.

Birds flying around and the ocean breeze flowing over me.

Yes I am quite anxious to be on vacation.

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raining on my parade   Leave a comment

So I was off Friday because I had the flu.

The good old fashion, vomiting, diarrhea kind of flu.


so I come back today to work to find the place a disaster.

did anyone come and do my job on Friday?

Good Lord this place was a mess.

I can not imagine what it will look like when I come back from being on vacation for seven days.

at any rate my hours have been changed this year putting me back an hour.
Working 7-3:30 now.

the only problem with that is……. teachers are coming in and I haven’t cleaned their rooms.

I HATE with a passion that they are coming in  on MY time.

Irks me to no end.

School doesn’t even start till 8:45 now so why are they here at 7:30  AM?

So I either adjust to this new development or give the district an extra hour a day like I have always done.

Which I was trying to stop doing.

But it looks as though that is what I will have to start doing again.

Water drop

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Sister day   Leave a comment


My three sisters and I and our niece got together yesterday and spent three hours together.

As usual the time flies by.

Cyndi is on the left and just found out she has liver cancer, then me then Wanda who lives in Centerville, then our oldest sister Carolyn.

Kathy lives in Florida so she wasn’t there.

And our brother Ric lives in Canada, so it was just the four of us.

Good times.


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can I just say……   1 comment


I so badly wish I was here…….

I need a different job.
I am so tired of this one…..

and while  I know I have been saying that for years now~ I am so ready for this to be over with.

on another note, I was doing so well on my diet and feeling decent.
Today and yesterday afternoon I had chocolate……and I feel very drab and yuck.

I need to get back on the wagon and get rid of anything that is bad for me

sugar especially……

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this man of mine   Leave a comment

Today is my 33rd anniversary

my husband and I have gone through numerous ups and downs.

We have hated each other and loved each other going on 40 years.

I met him when I was 15 and he was 19.

WE have four children,  three daughter-in-laws and one son in- law

And our 5 beautiful grandchildren.

WE are very blessed.

Life is good.



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thyroid medicine   Leave a comment


I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am giddy with energy

But in the two and a half days since I have started taking thyroid medicine I do feel more energized.

More aware…..

I feel alert and everything is more colorful……

Weird I know, but hey… is what it is.

An improvement~

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counting flowers on the wall……..   Leave a comment


I love flowers.

they make me happy

they make me glad to be alive

they make me rejoice in the little things in life

Yes they do all that.

Quite a lot of pressure for a flower…….



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counting calories   Leave a comment

I have just begun to calories

why you may ask?

because I can’t seem to lose weight and I need to try something different.

it is amazing to me how quickly the calories add up!

According to the  internet for my body height  I should only be eating 1600 calories a day.

Well hell, today’s breakfast, snack and lunch are over 1100!

this is going to be tough!

But I am determined to lose at least thirty pounds before my daughter’s wedding.

more would be terrific, but I am trying to be realistic


11430289_10205808918720497_7687053299364771838_n  the soon to be bride and her fiancé

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Tennessee   Leave a comment


how I would love to take a couple of days and drive to Tennessee and just get one with nature.

Sounds so Heavenly.

get my zen back, find my center.
Not sure why I feel out of sorts today.
I just feel like something could be wrong and I’m not seeing it.

I also feel like I’ve lost me somewhere.
That probably sounds odd but I do feel it.
I am so consumed with grandchildren and children around most of the time that I forget to just spend time with me.

I know I just wrote all of this in the last blog…….

not sure what is wrong with me today……..

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pick the brain   Leave a comment


I need a break from every day life.
Actually I need a break from the job and just to spend some time alone and get some contemplating done.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life and I am so very thankful for all that I have…..

But I feel like I have neglected me for quite some time.
I need a day or two, possibly a week to just decompress from life and spend some alone time with me.

Unfortunately I doubt it will happen.

Still it sounds lovely……

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