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so I have been told that I am getting a new computer here at work on Monday
So I have deleted the majority of my stuff after saving what I could
That means no pictures to look that I had saved here.
A little thing I suppose but I like looking at beautiful pictures and pics of my kids and grand kids.
I know another woe is me!

Thrilled to death that it is Friday.
They don’t come around often enough.

8 weeks from yesterday is Thanksgiving and 12 weeks from this Sunday is Christmas

Seems almost impossible, but true none the less.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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wishing I was here again   Leave a comment

  I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I was in Colorado

it seems like months ago to me.
As I drive home from work I look up at the clouds and imagine those beautiful mountains there instead.
It is sad to live in Iowa when Colorado is so pretty

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little things   Leave a comment

my computer here at work is running SLLLLLOOOOOLLLLLYYYYYY

what a pain in the butt.

I find that my tiny little article on Tom Hanks, is the most hit of all my blogs.
Funny to me.
Although it is a great picture of Tom.

he is a good actor and I like most anything he is in.

It is Wednesday so that is nice.
Two more days after today until the weekend.
Wish it was tomorrow.
I know, wishing my life away.
If I knew what day I was dying I am quite sure I wouldn’t wish for the weekends so much.

I miss my grandchildren.
Haven’t seen any of them since Sunday.
Love them to pieces.

Well I am rambling here as usual and I am at work with things to do so I suppose I should get moving here.

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Roses   Leave a comment

roses say I love you

  roses say I care

  roses say you mean the world to me

  or kiss me if you dare

  roses say I adore you

  roses light up her life

  so be romantic

  express your love

and give her roses tonight

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then and now   Leave a comment

  what once looked like this

is now turning into this

  I so love the colors of fall


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Have a wonderful day!   Leave a comment

got to keep on thinking positively!

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Patriotic Retirement Plan   Leave a comment

My sister sent me this email that I think is so fantastic that I have to share it

it goes like this:

there recently was an article in St. Petersburg Florida Times.  The business section asked it’s readers for ideas on how to fix the economy.  One man wrote in this

Dear Mr. President>

Please find below my suggestion for fixing American’s economy.  Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.
You can call it the “Patriotic Retirement Plan”

there are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force.  Pay them one million dollars a piece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations

  they MUST retire. Forty million job openings – Unemployment fixed

2)  They MUST buy a new American car.   Forty million cars ordered – Auto industry fixed

3) they MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage  Housing Crisis fixed

it can’t get any easier than that!

P.S   if more money is needed, have all members in congress pay their taxes.
Mr. President, while you are at it make congress retire on social security and medicare.  I am betting both programs would be fixed pronto!

How cool is that?

Posted September 27, 2011 by Marge in ramblings