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Holiday blahs….   Leave a comment

I’m in a funk.
I know a lot of it has to do with being tired.

I slept very badly last night and hope to be in bed by eight tonight.

Have to work the weekend and really wish I didn’t but alas…..what else would I do?
Sit home and watch TV with my husband all weekend?
NO thanks.
I would rather be at work.


I’m in a funk.

I feel like I hate everything.

The holiday was a let down.

I felt like it was all pointless.

Maybe I see my kids and their families too much.
It just didn’t seem special at all.

Yeah I told you, I am in a funk.

I hate my life.

Almost every aspect of it.


I know I am blessed with healthy children and grandchildren.

Blessed to have a good job and my health.

But I am down and blue

I’m sure part of it is that I have no passion in my life.

Physically or otherwise.

I feel like I am 80 and I hate it.
HATE this feeling of my life is just wasting away to nothing.

Yeah I am in a mood.



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And Then Some~   Leave a comment

It is Friday, November 15th.

Where does the time go?
Hard to believe in less than two weeks it is Thanksgiving.

I LOVE the holidays and the changing seasons.

We have been really cold here in Iowa.
Too cold actually.
One weatherman said the normal high for this time of year is 50 degrees.

One day this past week we were seven degrees.

Too cold too soon.

But alas, it is Iowa weather and always unpredictable.

For those of you who don’t know our weather there is a saying that goes…
“If you don’t like the weather in Iowa, wait a day and it will change”
And it usually does that quickly.


I’ve got all of my Christmas shopping done.
That is a nice feeling.

My kids and their spouses are just getting money as is Mirielle who is 17 and too impossible to buy for.

I got Rick a few things and may yet buy him some nice shirts but maybe not either.

See how I feel next time I go shopping.


I’m in the mood to write and actually wrote five pages the other night before bed.
It was awesome while it lasted, problem is it rarely lasts let alone comes around to where I can actually write something.

Still I would love to be able to just write all day.


I bought Miranda Lambert’s new CD, “Wild Card” and it is pretty good.

I am a huge fan of hers and honestly the only country singer I listen to these days

Oh I have my oldies songs that are country and listen to them all of the time but the singers these days just don’t hold my interest.

She is the only one I will buy new cd’s from.

Like one of her songs says “it’s pretty bitchin'”


I need new glasses and must take the money and get some here soon.

It will cost me close to $1,000 after the testing, buying new glass frames and then paying for the lenses.

Last time I got new glasses was probably four years ago and they cost me $850.

So with inflation I imagine it will be close to the thousand mark.

But these glasses I am wearing are so scratched up and I find it hard to see things.

Sometimes I can see things more clearly if I take the glasses off and get whatever it is close enough for me to see it.


I hate spending the money though……

Hence the putting it off…….

My husband asked me what I want for Christmas.

I want a fenced in back yard and a swimming pool.

A new deck and a new sidewalk in front of our front door.

Yeah I know, all things that are more for warmer weather.

But I really don’t want anything……

Just cosmetic things around my house.

Of course there is a six and a half acre house for sale north of Wilton, that I want.

A ranch style with three bedrooms, several out buildings and a huge yard.
They want $275,900 for it though.



Good thing dreaming is free.


Do I need a house in the country?
No of course not.
Would I love a house in the country?
You bet.

I was raised in the country and I LOVED it.


Again good thing dreaming is free.


my house

it even has my green shudders and doors and roof.

my house two

my house three

my house four

I could be very happy here.

Of course I am happy with my little house now.

But country living appeals to me……



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Achy   Leave a comment

I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and I am feeling the pain today

My leg and hip on the right side just feels like it doesn’t want to move

Sigh, this getting older

On another note,  i am going to take the class and get my CNA licenses again

The class is a refresher course,  8 hours and then I will take the test on December 6th

God willing I will pass it

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Raining Money~   Leave a comment

So now that my husband is collecting his social security he will be bringing home $60,000 a year, without lifting a finger or working one minute of every day.
This is what his retirement and social security has done for him.

No it isn’t raining money, but it nice to have that cushion.

We have about ten thousand in credit card debt, and he wants to buy new tires for his truck which will be about $1200.00.

I want to get new glasses which will be another $1,000 at least and eventually I want a newer car.

And hopefully we will be sitting better this next year to build his garage that he has wanted for years.

There is a house with six and a half acers of land in Cedar County that I would love to have.

They are asking $275,500 for it.

Which is almost two hundred thousand more then what we paid for the house we live in now.

Still I would love to have it.

I doubt it will ever come to pass but it is a dream….

Good thing dreaming is free.

My being the insurer of the house hold now takes a little over $500 from my paychecks, but that is better than the $1,500 they were going to start charging us a month for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Totally highway robbery.


walking in the rain

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