planting flowers

   spent an hour planting some more flowers and six hostas. it is cool out side to the point of almost being cold, but I did it anyway simply because I wanted it to get done before it gets to 82 degrees tomorrow. I will have the girls till noon and then plan on just…

grand daughters

get my grand daughters tonight and over night. it will be wonderful as always. I miss spending time with them and it seems like I hardly ever get to anymore. I am truly a blessed woman to have the four grandchildren I have.


sometimes I yearn to go on a vacation all by myself. sort of like how my ex-sister-in-law is doing. she has been on the road for over 5 months and that is a bit longer than I would need to go. however a week or so would be awesome!

needing a vacation

my sister took this picture in Estes Park in Colorado in September. I wish I was there again. Actually I wish I was just about anywhere. Too bad I couldn’t have won that mega-million lottery, or at least a small piece of it. I would become a traveling fool. 🙂


I’m watching the movie “Phenomenon” with John Travolta I love John in this movie I think it is one of his best. He is a good actor. 🙂


my daughter is slowly making her way back to her son’s father. I am so hopeful that she will realize she wants and needs him in her life and they can make it work for my grandson. I am quite sure if she set her mind to this, it could work. relationships are constant work….


I was awaken last night around one am, due to thunder and lightning. it was great to see. 🙂 everything is plush and green but we needed the rain. 🙂

Top Five Today!

5) It is Friday, need I say more? 4) I can sleep later than four thirty tomorrow morning! 3)We get Aaron back this weekend for a full week 2) I get to share lunch with an old friend today and the number one thing today that makes my day a keeper! I got to spend…


okay it isn’t snowing but it is cooler than what we have had for the last couple of weeks. I know we are spoiled here in Iowa from all of this great weather but I actually had to wear a coat today and we have the heat back on at nights at home. 😦


my very favorite day of the week is finally here! Yippee!!!!