Why Is Everything So Complicated?   Leave a comment

I have had trying last couple of days

Every little thing cant be simple

Nope everything is a struggle a battle with my patience

For instance I moved 13 boxes of paper each weighing 50 pounds

I put them on a moving cart and then took them to a room where I unloaded the cart and in doing so I moved them again

my back and hips are protesting ever since

it hurts to walk to bend over and to basically move

ok I did this to myself

part of my job but I am suffering now

Any way today I am opening the main doors to the school and each door has a wooden stopper to hold the door open

do you think that sucker would work today?

Hell no

No matter what I did it wouldn’t hold the door open

I cussed and kicked and basically threw a tantrum about it

Why can’t it just work like it does every other day?


I was alone so I simply said “Fuck it” and walked away

My back hurts, my hips hurt

it literally hurts to walk and the damn door got the best of me


Then the vacuum cleaner would not pick up dry leaves so I said a few choice words then too

If God was testing me today I failed miserably

Things that should be simple try my patience


I should have stayed in bed



Posted October 27, 2021 by Marge in Uncategorized

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