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My son and I went kayaking today and I have to say God talked to me today.

I was telling my son Brian  how I often think I would like to come out kayaking by myself on the river.

And no sooner did I say that and then I got too close to a tree in the river and it flipped me off the kayak and into the water.
I have to say if my son hadn’t been there I don’t know if I would have been able to make it.

Yes I had a life vest on and yes it kept me above water but just swimming and hanging on to the kayak to get to the river bank to get back on exhausted me.

God was telling me that I should NEVER EVER go into the river without someone else being with me.
I truly believe that.

And if Brian hadn’t helped me it would have been dicey.


Ugh…lesson learned Lord, lesson learned.

my kayak




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Some days I think I should just move away and live by myself.

That way no one gets irritated with me or mad at me.

When someone does something 99% of the time and then suddenly doesn’t do it, and I question it, and they get pissed off, why don’t I just learn to keep my mouth shut??????

I get dirty looks, I get snapped at and I just can’t see why I am at fault?

More often then not I think I would be happier living on my own and that way I could do EVERYTHING the way I wanted to and not have someone come along behind me and do it the way they think it should be done.

I want to yell , “If my way isn’t good enough, then do it yourself from now on!”

But nope he waits till I do it and then  goes behind me and does it again.

He gets pissed if I question him.
He gets pissed if I try to get him to move faster on something….

I honestly think we would both be happier if I didn’t live in the same space he does.

But will he admit it?
Nope….because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy.


I think this week apart coming up in seven days will be good for us.

I really do.

Then if he keeps acting like he doesn’t like me, I will suggest we should make some changes…..






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Well I do not have a email from my sister in Florida waiting for me this morning.

That is always a disappointment.

She is usually really good about emailing me before she goes to bed.

When I don’t hear from her I worry that something is wrong with her or her family.

Hopefully  I will hear from her soon.


I am tired.

Just don’t get how I can wake up tired.

That just seems really weird to me.

I slept 7 hours like I always do, so why do I feel so tired?

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

On a good note it is Friday!
My favorite day of the week.




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My hands are cracking and bleeding due to all the washing walls and chemicals I use to do it.

They ache, they itch and I am so very ready for my week off here in 8 days.

I cake my hands with lotion when I get home and that helps quite a bit but then I come into work and start cleaning again and they start aching all over again.

Yes I could wear gloves, but my hands sweat in the gloves so that is still moisture on my hands.


Also I think I am allergic to the soap we use to wash our hands.


Why can’t I retire……I know why because I can’t stop spending money.


Wake up and smell the java Marge…..



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I wish I was almost anywhere but here.

I am so tired of cleaning up things.

Literally exhausted

I have so much to do yet.

Okay one major project before I go on vacation and then a few big ones when I get back.


I am sooooooooooo tired.


zippity do dah day

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I hate my job.

I am so tired of cleaning all of the time.

WHY can’t I win the lottery?
Darn it.

I am tired, and I just got here……I haven’t even started cleaning yet.


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It is Monday once again.


How I hate them.

I need a day off to recuperate from my insanely busy weekend.

Damn I am tired.


But there are bathrooms to clean and furniture to move and a school that needs to be presentable on August 22nd for our Ice Cream Social so…I must get off my butt and get moving.


In two weeks I will be on vacation house and dog sitting for my son and his family while they go to Minnesota and have a week of fun with my daughter-in-laws family.

Can I make it two more weeks?
Is there a choice?

Did I mention I am tired?


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Got back from kayaking about thirty minutes ago.

It was enjoyable.

Took us almost three and a half hours to go the distance.

I went with my grand daughter Mirielle and her friend and my son Brian and his wife Tonyia.

The teenagers were bored with it but over all it was a good time.

Got a bit sunburnt but nothing too bad.


Another work day tomorrow.

I so hate Monday’s…..

time is like a river


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So I find the desire to be at the beach right now.

I don’t know if it is because it is so hot here that I crave the water…..or I just don’t want to face the next few weeks and another school year starting.

I even think about the beach and winter coming…..

And how I will long to be there when it is freezing cold here.


Maybe I just need a vacation from my life.


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God sure does give us some beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Iowa.

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