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we are celebrating my birthday today, a cool rainy day in Iowa.

we were supposed to have a picnic but unfortunately we can’t due to the weather.

oh we will still grill out but we won’t be eating outside.



we don’t need the rain and my sister said they do need it in Florida.

sure wish I could send it to them.

it has been a long time since we have seen the sun.

It is depressing.

the greatest part of today will be having all four of my kids together.

we don’t get that enough.

And of course all five of my grandkids together.

Life is good.



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frumpy   Leave a comment

not sure frumpy is a word, but it is how I feel today.


thrilled that it is Friday but still feeling a bit down.

we haven’t had sun in five days and I miss it.

OR if it is sunny for a few minutes I am inside working and unable to go out and enjoy it

we are getting our April showers this week and tomorrow is 100% chance of rain.




I’m having grandchildren withdrawals.

I haven’t had Keira and Kayla over night in weeks and I miss them terribly.

Yes I will see them tomorrow but they probably won’t stay over because my eldest daughter will be back and they will want to be with her.


we will have Aaron and Bailey over night but we see they two or three times a week where as I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla since last Saturday.



I took next Monday off because it is my birthday but of course the sun isn’t going to shine till Tuesday and Wednesday when I am back at work.

Mother Nature is fighting against me.

Darn it.


I need the sun~



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A year ago today~   1 comment

my heart broke into a million pieces a year ago today when I lost my dog Max

I so loved that dog and I miss him every day.

He was a wonderful friend and I miss him dearly


Just looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes.

Love you Maximus Andreas



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wish I was here…..

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the thought process   Leave a comment

when I am here at work and I have to deal with the hundred disrespectful, bratty children, I tell myself I MUST go back to school and get a different job.

I hate dealing with these brats.

I was told though that our school is calm compared to a few others.

So maybe I should just tune them out?

However while I still toy with the idea of going back to school one part of me says…..”you are too old to put that much money into college”

But the other part of me says “As long as there is breath in these lungs I am never too old for college”


I do hate my job.

but the pay is wonderful and I would hate to lose that….

However I will take it day by day.

Chances are I will just force myself to stick it out here…..



I need a vacation in the mountains~


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a good life

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Life is a struggle   Leave a comment

Every once in a while I want to throw in the towel.

Just say I quit.

I’m done.

I don’t want to do any of this anymore…..

But most days I realize there are so many people worse off then I am.

So many who struggle to make ends meet and are sickly or caring for someone who is sickly.

So many people have no homes, no food, no clothes.

So I need to quit complaining about my job and be thankful that I have one.

I need to be grateful that I woke up today and not complain that I am tired from getting up so early.

I need to remember how blessed I am and not look at the negativity.

I came from a very low income childhood.

We lived on welfare so we had food but we were poor.

There were never any luxuries.

I live like a queen compared to how my mother lived.


But I won’t lie to you, once in a while, about once every six weeks to two months I think to myself  “What is it all for?  Why do I fight the fight?  Wouldn’t dying be so much simpler?”

Then I get to go to Heaven and live with my Lord and His son…..

I attribute these thoughts to the depression that runs in my family.

It runs rapid in my family.

From my mother to all of my siblings…to a few of my children…..

I get down and blue every now and then but it is nothing like others feel.

My wish for those who are struggling is turn your prayers to the Lord.

He will be there for you.



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