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heading south   1 comment

well this will be my last blog for a few days.
I won’t be back on a computer until next Tuesday after we return home from our Tennessee weekend.

I hope to have plenty of pictures to share of the vacation

until then…..may you all be blessed with great health, someone to share your thoughts and dreams with and a desire to get up every morning and face a new day.

God bless!


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Pictures of the day…..   Leave a comment

this picture reminds me of the fog one often sees on the lake in the park we are staying at in Tennessee early in the morning as the sun is coming up.

the one below is of a wooden area and we will be seeing a lot of trees at this state park while we are hiking

and of course there will be a lot of fall foliage around the streams and waterfalls

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no ambition   Leave a comment

I have been awake since three thirty am this morning due to worrying about the trip, am I taking everything we need…..will the kids have fun …..etcetera…..

needless to say since I have already been up for three and a half hours I have no ambition to do anything.
A nap sounds good, but even then I’m not sure I would be able to settle my mind down enough to sleep

still I have a full day to put in here at work so I suppose I best find some ambition some where!!!

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picture of the day……..   Leave a comment

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Charlie Sheen   Leave a comment

alright I am going to get on my soap box for a minute or two.
The news of Charlie Sheen’s latest insane craziness made headlines last night and all I can think of is………..WHERE IS THE FAMILY???? His father and brother and why in the hell aren’t they committing this man to detox????
Obviously the guy has an alcohol problem!!!
Maybe it is more than just alcohol????
The man needs help!!!
Why isn’t anyone helping him??????

Like Lindsay Lohan, who can’t seem to get her act together, now Charlie Sheen is in one drama after another…..

Obviously the man has no respect for women or himself.
Obviously he has demons.
But why doesn’t anyone help him?
Force him to face whatever it is that is turning him into a demon????
Does he have to kill someone first before anyone will do anything for him?????

He, like Lindsay Lohan are going to wind up like Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger

They are going to do something really dumb and wind up dead, and then everyone will think………”Why didn’t we do something for them?”

It is sad…..

Charlie Sheen is a handsome man and a good actor when he wants to be.
Too bad he can’t keep his act together.

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picture of the day   Leave a comment

to me this inspires a new morning, a new day and the promise of something wonderful………

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crabby people   Leave a comment

I realize it is a Monday and most people aren’t too crazy about Monday’s but people seem rather crabby today.

which puts a damper on my good mood.
Believe me, if i didn’t know I had a five-day weekend coming up I would probably be crabby too, however because I do, I am in a good mood.

Now just to get others in a good mood too.

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4 to go   1 comment

well today is day one of four days to go until we leave on vacation.
Are you tired of me talking about it, dear reader?
What can I say?
I love my vacations.
Two months from today my husband and I are going to be heading to Florida for a week down there.
Yes that is Christmas day, but my children all have other places to be on Christmas these days so…..we are leaving for the south, that day.

on a different note I have a cold, sinus infection and a nasty cough.
Just love it
I drink orange juice regularly, one would think I could kick stuff like this….but nope………
I have a good cold right now.

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packing   Leave a comment

I’m packing and getting things organized for our trip this next weekend.
I know, it is four days away but I want to remember everything so I am working on the packing and getting it all together.

We went and spent almost two hundred dollars for food for the trip.
Seems like a lot of money for twelve people but we are talking five meals… I guess it isn’t too bad.
It would be a lot more if we went out to eat every meal…….

I’m anxious for the time to get here and then I hope it crawls slowly so we can enjoy the time off of work but  I know it never works that way.
Vacation and days off always fly by.

Still… is just on the horizon and that is awesome.

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busy Saturday   Leave a comment

so I have my two youngest grand daughters and while they are being exceptionally good, having them limits what I can do with my day.
Although as I said, they are being quite good today so I have cleaned the bottom half of my house and done a few other things while they are playing.
Right now they are eating lunch and watching “Dora”

Kayla will need a nap but I am not sure she will get one since she fights it so much.

I’m hoping to get to the upstairs this afternoon to clean.

I love my weekends and this one seems a bit more productive than the last few with the girls here.

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