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Grandchildren~   Leave a comment

Keira and Kayla came over today and spent about five hours with me.
They just left and went home with their father.

It is always great to see them and with this coronavirus going around it is hard to find time to see them

This morning I was outside and could feel myself getting quite warm in the sun even though it was a very cool windy day.
All afternoon my grand daughters and I were outside and now I can’t get warm.

I assume it is to do with being tired but I think I may have gotten a touch of too much sun too because it always makes me tired.

I love it.

Don’t get me wrong.
The sun brings such warmth and comfort to me.

I worked in the yard a bit today too.
Sure wish the seventies would come back and stay.

Not sure when I will see Keira and Kayla again.

Probably not for another week or more.




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The Working Class And My Little People~   Leave a comment

As usual I worked the weekend.

It is something I do every weekend to get to have my days off during the week to watch grandchildren.

I always look forward to Monday because I am off

I use to hate Monday’s but that was when I only worked Monday through Friday.

I did tell my boss that she could put me on a few nights a week if she needed due to two people just up and quitting and us being short employee wise.


I would love to never work again but my pocket book doesn’t agree with that so alas…..I work.

Right now I am sitting here trying to be quiet as my grandson Aaron and his sister Bailey stayed over night last night and both are still sleeping.

Aaron loves to stay over night.

Not sure why other than it is something different than being at home.

I have a meeting at two today at work and Aaron wants to tag along.

I keep telling him he will be bored but he says he doesn’t care.

I think his grandfather scares him a bit.

Rick can be gruff and has little patience.

Yes Aaron is ornery and rambunctious but he is a happy healthy boy.

I think he should be cut some slack.

But Rick and my daughter tend to think Aaron picks on Bailey and makes her fuss.

I think it is more…..Aaron is being a brother and Bailey needs to toughen up.

Ahh well……

It is that time of year again when the stores are filled with school supplies.

Yes school starts in over a month but every year we buy the kids school supplies and sometimes I take them shopping for clothes.

Usually I just do the clothes shopping for Keira and Kayla and I just give the parents money for Mirielle, Aaron and Bailey.

Bailey will be starting preschool so I am not sure how much she will actually need for school supplies…..or any new clothes…..

I am grateful for my grandchildren and helping out a bit with school makes me happy and it helps ease the parents load.

I am a blessed woman.

Happy Thanksgiving



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Soft ball, birthday’s and …….   Leave a comment

As it goes in summer time we have ball games.

My grandson’s last game is this Tuesday night.

Which I have to say I am quite thrilled about.

He has a tournament next weekend but I work so I won’t get to see it.

My grand daughter Kayla plays twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights and we usually just go to one of her games.

Three games in one week is an awful lot.

Her games go through till the middle of July.

My Keira will be turning 12 on Wednesday.
I am taking her shopping tomorrow for her presents.

She says she wants her nails done, and then I assume we will be shopping for clothes.

And I will take her out to lunch.

Not sure what she has in mind for clothes, or maybe she wants something elseย that I am just not privy to it yet.



I did buy her a Glee poster as she LOVES the show Glee.

So I know she will be thrilled with that too.

I will give that to her when we have her party on June 24th.

As summer rolls along we are keeping busy.

Busier than I would like but such is life.

Fall will be here before we know it and the kids will be back in school.

Ava Marie will be here and I will be busy watching grandchildren Monday through Friday.

Not that I mind.

To me my grandchildren are gifts from God.

And I have been truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Ahh……….   1 comment

cropped-cropped-daytona-beach1.jpgWell I officially have five days until I am on vacation

Well four actually because I switched with a coworker so I will work tomorrow evening and she will work Friday for me.

Which is awesome

I need to see my grandkids too before we go

I miss them terribly when I go a week or more with out seeing them

I think the two, Keira and Kayla are outgrowing their need to be with me.

Which I hate

I adore them so much

And I need to see them before I fly out of state

Aaron and Bailey too.

Mirielle doesn’t really care but I think she and her mother are taking us to the airport early Saturday morning so I will see her then.

God willing we will fly there safely and have a great week and fly safely home again on May 6th.


And of course all my loved ones will be fine while we are gone

God willing



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Happy Birthday to my Kayla~   Leave a comment

My Kayla Renee is 9 years old today.

She is a kind very tender hearted wonderful child and I adore her.

She has a heart of gold too.

Even at school she will go up to the teacher and ask her if she is having a good day.

She is just that sweet.


Love her so much


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Last day~ YEAH!!!!   Leave a comment

Today is the last day and next week is spring break so I can clean the school and it stays clean.
AND I will be the only one here!
I LOVE that!
I just have to get through the next seven hours and I will be thrilled for next week.

And then the following week I will be off.

Had a idea of driving to Florida and taking my two grand daughters Keira and Kayla, but their mom isn’t too keen on it so I doubt it would happen.

Probably shouldn’t spend the money anyway.

But it would be fun to take them to the beach.




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Today in this life~   Leave a comment

Here we are sitting on Thursday.

I have little to do here at work because yesterday was parent/teacher conferences and there wasn’t any messes to speak of.

Every classroom is unlocked and garbage is taken so….it will be a quiet morning.

The more I think about retirement the more I want to do it and not ever have to work again.


It probably won’t happen but it would be nice if I could be done by June 30th and never have to work again.

Good thing dreaming is free.


I miss Keira and Kayla.
Kayla most of all.

It seems like I never get any one on one time with her and it saddens me.

No one else seems to be able to see her fire, her passion.

She is so incredibly smart too.

I wish I could have her live with me and then I could make sure she would blossom and grow.

Keira is shy but she has all the confidence in the world in herself.

Kayla doesn’t.


My grandchildren are so wonderful.




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Going by the way side…..   Leave a comment

No one writes blogs anymore.

Literally the only person who does is my sister Kathy and even she has missed a couple of days of late.

I love to write and I try to write every day.

Granted no one probably reads them except maybe Kathy but still I like to put thought to blog….

Easy day as I am only working two hours and then I will go get groceries and head home.

My youngest grandchild will be there and the day will go fast as they always do.

Really miss my Keira and Kayla.

Feel like I never see them and when I do there is always a bunch of people around.

Hate that……

But in three weeks they are on spring break as is Aaron and I took the week off to spend with them.

We will go swimming a couple of times and just hang out.

Can’t wait.

Family is the most important thing after God of course.



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And The Weekend Begins…..   Leave a comment

in twenty minutes my weekend begins.
I have a change of plans from earlier.

I am going to take my grand daughter to the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” but we were going to go tomorrow afternoon.
Well she has a birthday party to go to so we will postpone it till Sunday afternoon.

And the best part is it is playing in my city so we won’t have to drive to a bigger city to go and see it.
Granted I will have to drive 12 miles to get her, drive back to go to the movie and then drive her home again.

But that is a small price to pay.

(Her parents will be watching the super bowl)

Grandpa will probably go with us, but if not it will be a great me and Kayla time.





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Birthday’s~   Leave a comment

Our grand daughter Mirielle is 14 today.

Not sure where the time went.

We met her and she came into our lives when she was 2.

She is a sweet girl for the most part.

A typical teenager in other ways.


Kayla will be 8 on Tuesday.

She is a brain and sensitive and a good girl.

She unfortunately has the Polman weight problem which makes things hard on her when her sibling and cousins are all skinny.

She is very sensitive about it.


Being Nana is one of the most wonderful precious gifts in my life.

I am as always truly blessed.



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