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one more day   Leave a comment

one more day of work and then I am off for eleven.

that is a great feeling.

I wish I was off tomorrow as well.

but alas I guess I can handle one more day

there is plenty to do but I don’t have any ambition to do anything.


this heat is horrendous.

I hate it.

literally hate it.

I am quite anxious for Fall.

cooler temps for sure.

I will write when I am on vacation as I will take my laptop with me.


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My honey’s retirement party   Leave a comment

it was very informal and laid back but Rick was surprised  and uncomfortable and hated the attention but I am quite sure he enjoyed it.

he seemed to anyway.

which is what it is all about.


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too hot   Leave a comment

I hate this hot weather

so sick of it.

literally sick of it.
I went to Walmart after work and felt like I could faint on the walk into the store because it is so dang hot out there.

we get a bit of relief the rest of the week

94 tomorrow, and 90 on Thursday

so at least that is something.


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I need a jump start   2 comments

yes I am feeling quite tired today.

wish I could call in sick and say to hell with this working business.

but alas….I can’t.
Not counting the new SUV I just bought, I  need a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

and I do like to buy the things I like to buy.

So alas… I am….at work again.

I swear I live here.
And it is only Tuesday


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down   Leave a comment

I hate Mondays, literally hate them, but as I have said before one must have  a Monday to get to a Friday.

I’m down because it is going to be another hot and humid week.
I hate hot and humid weather.

I am down because I need to stop making comments  on face book that offend people

I have to realize I am not the most important person in the room and therefore my opinion doesn’t count as much

I just need to learn to not say anything

that way others won’t be offended.

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Mr. Hunk   Leave a comment

I don’t usually think black men are very attractive but I have to say I think Idris Elba  is a hunk

I just watched him on BBC’s “Luther”  a show about a detective in London.

I think it is a gorgeous man

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weekend is half gone   Leave a comment

I hate how fast the weekends go

and while I know I am not alone, I find it sad that here it is Sunday already and Monday morning looms ahead bright and glaring.


I realize I have 8 days, actual work days that I have to work before I go on vacation to Florida for nine days, but just the thought of work makes me feel ill

not really, I just wish I was rich.
But who doesn’t?

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