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I’m not saying….woe is me…..   Leave a comment

I am not trying to come across as woe is me.
I don’t expect nor am I looking for someone to feel sorry for me
I just tend to write things that are on my mind.
I suppose 90% of the time it sounds like I am bitching and I don’t even mean to do that.
I just write what I am thinking about.

Yes I can bitch too, and quite well.

But I am not looking for someone to think “oh poor you”
I am not poor.
I have a good life.
I know I am loved and I know that the Lord will bring me to His Kingdom one day.

I have a great family and wonderful children and grandchildren
A man who loves me and a good life.

So please don’t read my blogs and think, ‘oh poor her’ OR ‘oh all she does is complain’.
I am not trying to come across that way
I’m just putting down on paper so to speak, what is on my mind.


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killing time   Leave a comment

I spend a lot of my day at work killing time.
I have four hours of the day that I can actually say I work.
The other four is either looking like I am busy or sitting in my office reading or writing.
I think that is why I hate the job so much.
other then cleaning up after kids who have no respect for the school
I have so much time to kill and so many hours to find things to do.
I mostly read.
once in a great while I write.

I have already read two books this week and am half way through the third one.
I love to read.
Love it so much because to me a good book is like watching a good movie in my head.
It is great.

however sometimes I wish I was doing something more productive.
Something that didn’t require me spending half of my work day looking for things to do.

I know I should be grateful that I have a job.
I should be grateful that no one demands anything of me except to be here and ready to clean up any and all spills the kids make.
I have ninety minutes at lunch that I have to be present for.
I have thirty minutes at breakfast that I have to be present for.

the other six hours I work at my own pace doing what I want to do, (or don’t want to do) and exist here.

Some would say I’m lucky to get paid 8 hours for only working 4 and I know I am
But I am also bored with it too.

So here I sit killing time waiting for eleven ten to get here so I can go set up for lunch

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up coming wedding   Leave a comment

My niece is getting married next weekend.
October 10th

It is in Michigan and while I told my sister I would go, now that it is getting closer I wish I hadn’t.
The thought of driving 8 hours to a place I have never been before doesn’t thrill me in the least.

But I said I would go and I don’t want to back out now.
Okay really I do but I won’t.

Guess I need to look at it as an adventure.

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if only   Leave a comment

there is a secretarial job that I would love to have through the school district.
IF ONLY I had the proper training to do it.
Darn it.
Of course I don’t.
NOT that I couldn’t be trained because I could but I’m sure someone would laugh their head off if I even put in an application.

But I would love the job.
Darn it
If only……..

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rainy day   Leave a comment

it wants to do nothing else but rain.
It is pouring out there.
A nice long steady stream of rain falling from the sky.

Are the angels sobbing?
is it wash day and the washer is leaking?

all I know is the rain is cold and wet and it is very much like Fall today.

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what was she thinking?   Leave a comment


I took this picture a few weeks ago and as I look at it I can’t help but wonder what were they both thinking?
Keira has her had on the top of her head and she looks completely confused and Kayla is staring at the camera and thinking what?

I love these two little girls more than I love my own life.
They are wonderfully precious and extremely important to me.
Thank you God for these two little girls.

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odd to me   Leave a comment

funny as I was logging on to this site I had an idea for a post, but it has left me.
I knew I was going to title it, “odd to me” but now for the life of me I can’t remember what I was going to write about that was odd.
Must be getting senile.

Anyway after looking over the bills and what not I decided even Tennessee is too far out-of-the-way to take a mini vacation.
Bills need paid first and while here in two weeks I would have the money for Tennessee, I think it would be best to not go and put the money away for the moving here in 8 months.
or the new baby coming….or I’m sure there will be something else that will require money.
I need two back tires before winter……etc…..

never ending the things I have to dip into the money I’m trying to save, and then suddenly the balance is at zero again.
😦 is Thursday…one more day of the week after this and finally the weekend again.

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