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It is here, finally it is here
we are going to leave the deep freeze and fly South
God willing it will all go well and we will arrive in Daytona Beach by one thirty pm.
I will miss my grand babies most of all
but again God willing they will all be there to greet us in 8 days when we get home.

daytona beach florida

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creeping   Leave a comment

the time is almost at a stand still
it is taking forever for this day to be over with
my work day I mean
Yes the time has finally arrived so that I can have eleven days off.
seems like it has taken forever to get here.
But alas, in two hours I will be free for eleven days.
And God willing the flight to and from Florida will get us there safely so that I can come back to work in twelve days.


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he or she?   Leave a comment


this is what my new grandchild looks like at 9 and a half weeks.
He or she is due on August 22nd.

I wonder if it will be a boy or a girl????

I can’t wait.
And really August is only 6 months away!

Aaron's second birthday party

the proud parents and big brother!


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and this is all I have to say about more snow

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I just watched this program on Netflix called “Blackfish” about Orca Whales in captivity

especially Tiikum the whale who is responsible for killing at least two trainers

Some of it is hard to watch and some of it gave me chills

but in all honesty the whole idea of the movie is to get people to realize that Orca’s like any other wild animal should not be put in an amusement park and or a zoo (other wild animals) for people’s amusement

It was an interesting movie/show and it made me think as well.
But in all honesty people just get too comfortable with the whales, and or other wild animals and sometimes those animals just have a bad day…….and do something no one expects them to do.

But if they put Tiikum back into the ocean chances are he wouldn’t survive there either……because let’s face it after decades being in captivity

The whole situation is sad.



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it is bone chilling cold out there.
Man it just seeps into you and doesn’t let go

So ready for my 8 days in Florida
It really can’t get here soon enough.

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I have been writing again
which feels wonderful
it isn’t a lot and it comes and goes but I have hand written 45 pages today
double spaced and front and back pages
Now I have to type it into my computer so I can print it one day when I have a printer again.
I love to write
Wish I could make a living at it.


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