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I miss my grandchildren

I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla since last Thursday evening and I miss them
Today Aaron will come over and Mirielle was here on Sunday

Keira is getting bored with coming to Nana’s house

I hate that but I suppose it has to do with her age and wanting to play with her friends

Nana is boring probably

Kayla still likes coming here as does Aaron.

winter is here with full force

No we aren’t getting snow but the temperatures are really cold and it is a very gloomy day

Looks like it could start snowing at any second although the weatherman says that won’t happen today………….

Happy Tuesday everyone!




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home from the hospital   1 comment

My husband is home from the hospital

we got home yesterday morning about noon

He is still in a lot of pain but he is up walking and taking it slow too.


I think he gets impatient with me because I am not catering to his every whim but he needs to be up too and not baby himself.
Physical therapists said as much at the hospital.


tomorrow he has physical therapy and I am quite sure they will run him through the mill.

but hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Exercise exercise exercise those knees.


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well it is day two for my husband.
Okay about 32 hour since he has had his surgery

he is up and walking around with a walker.
Granted he is taking small steps and is in a lot of pain but he is doing great

I am proud of him.

But I am glad it is him who has to get through this and I am just the helper.

Daytona July 27 2012 004

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My husband is going in to have both knees replaced this Friday morning

A bit over twenty-four hours from now

We got his hospital bed and commode and walker today.

I will do up all the laundry tomorrow so that he will have enough of whatever he needs to take to the hospital

it will be weird being home at nights without him.

Strange too


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My sister asked me why I don’t write more on my blog

the answer is simple
I don’t have a computer at work and therefore I don’t take the time to do it once I am home again

I think of it every now and then but I am either busy doing something else or feel like I don’t have anything to write about.


I love to write, don’t get me wrong but with no computer at work I can’t take the time in my day to just blog or answer too many emails or anything.

it is a drag………but it is what it is


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I have begun to jog

Well honestly I am working my way into jogging.
I start out walking and walk five minutes and then jog a minute and then go back to walking

alternating between the two

Next week I will walk four minutes and jog two and then alternate and eventually I will work up to jogging all of the time

It is work but it makes me feel so good when I am done.
I love it!



I feel empowered!

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I am hosting an early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow for my sisters and niece

It will be our monthly sister gathering as well.

I’m making Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy

Corn and Broccoli with cheese sauce

Dinner rolls and Pumpkin pie for desert


I took a vacation day today and have been cleaning

I will start my baking here in a bit


Even though this is early I do hope EVERYONE who reads my blog has a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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Today is my Friday!
I am THRILLED about that.
I took vacation time the next two days

I have a house to clean and food to prepare for my sister’s day on Saturday

I love my down time

My home time when I don’t have to get up at four am and don’t have to be in bed at eight thirty pm.

I love my time off of work



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it is odd to me that when I had a computer in front of me every day at work I would write at least one blog a day

and was always quite miffed when the blogs I follow were the same and no one had taken the time to write…….

now I don’t even think about blogging.
I only saw it now on my desk top and thought, hmm….maybe I should blog.

it has been a while.


I don’t even read anyone else’s anymore

without a computer at work I don’t have access and or even think of it ……….

I love to write

But most of the time I have writer’s block……….



(the picture is because the fall leaves are almost gone here in Iowa AND the picture is relaxing)

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now that I don’t have a computer at my fingertips at work, I find it hard to find time to write a blog

I use to have so much to say

now I struggle to find something to write about………..

nothing much changes in life.

work and home and spending as much quality time with my grandchildren as I can.
I love them so dearly and they are so precious

this past week Mirielle turned eleven and Kayla just turned five today

they are all so wonderful


My husband is having both knees replaced two weeks from today

not sure why he is doing both at the same time

there is no way I would do it that way but whatever……..

I don’t look forward to it and it isn’t even happening to me, but that is another story……..

one best left unsaid………

I wish I could write.
I have been reading a lot but I just can’t write.

it pains me


well on ward and upward right?


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